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When it comes to video games, there are those who prefer a challenge, there are those who prefer to have a game be somewhat easy, and then, there are those who want to face challenges like nothing else before, and be crushed under the heel of great difficulty. This is what the Dark Souls franchise was when it released years ago, and now, the first game of the series has been remastered for all systems so that you can enjoy the game that truly sparked the hardcore difficulty setting in modern games. This, is Dark Souls Remastered.

But what exactly is remastered here? Well, while Dark Souls was a masterful game in terms of story, game design, world design, and more, that doesn't mean it was perfect. It had bugs like every other game out there. So, the team at From Software went back into the game, listened to what fans requested, and fixed them on the spot!

And of course, there's the graphics, which have been brought up to stunning 1080p+ quality (depending on your system) so that you have the look of the more recent Dark Souls games without giving up what made the original Dark Souls great.

Plus, for the first time ever, Dark Souls comes to Nintendo Switch! This is the first time the series has made it onto the system, and Dark Souls Remastered is the perfect entry point for Switch owners to see what all the praise was about. So don't miss out, get Dark Souls Remastered today!

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