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A couple of months have passed since the events on Banoi occurred. The military of the United States has now put the Golden State under full quarantine, so it is now a restricted zone. The entire state of California is filled with death and blood, and it is the playground for the insane and those that want to experience an action-packed ride full of zombies, guts, and fun. Various renegades roam the place as it's their safe haven from the real world, even though it isn't exactly safe at all.

Dead Island 2 will bring all sorts of crazy things and expand on everything that made the first game great. Create ludicrous weapons and take control of all kinds of over-the-top characters that are charming as well as possibly crazy. California is the perfect zombie playground for you that seek adrenaline and chaos. Pick from a crew of skilled heroes that can't be infected by the zombie virus and go wild. Experience brutal and visceral melee combat and bash the heads of many undead as well as human foes.

Also, if you don't like to play alone, Dead Island 2 features a multiplayer mode where up to 8 players can enjoy this experience together.



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