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DEATHLOOP is a next-gen first-person shooter from Arkane Lyon, the award-winning studio behind Dishonored. In DEATHLOOP, two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious timeloop on the island of Blackreef, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity. As Colt, the only chance for escape is to end the cycle by assassinating eight key targets before the day resets. Learn from each cycle - try new paths, gather intel, and find new weapons and abilities. Do whatever it takes to break the loop.

If At First You Don’t Succeed... Die, Die Again

Every new loop is an opportunity to change things up. Use the knowledge you gain from each attempt to change up your playstyle, stealthily sneaking through levels or barreling into the fight, guns-blazing. In each loop you’ll discover new secrets, gather intel on your targets as well as the island of Blackreef, and expand your arsenal. Armed with a host of otherworldly abilities and savage weaponry, you’ll utilize every tool at your command to execute takedowns that are as striking as they are devastating. Customize your loadout wisely to survive this deadly game of hunter vs hunted.


Are you the hero or the villain? You’ll experience DEATHLOOP’s main story as Colt, hunting down targets across the island of Blackreef to break the loop and earn your freedom. All the while, you’ll be hunted by your rival Julianna, who can be controlled by another player. So if you’re feeling devious, you, too, can step into Julianna’s stylish sneakers and invade another player’s campaign to kill Colt. The multiplayer experience is completely optional, and players can choose to have Julianna controlled by AI within their campaign.

The island Of Blackreef – Paradise Or Prison

Arkane is renowned for magnificently artistic worlds with multiple pathways and emergent gameplay. DEATHLOOP will present a stunning, retro-future, 60s-inspired environment, that feels like a character within itself. While Blackreef may be a stylish wonderland, for Colt it is his prison, a world ruled by decadence where death has no meaning, and delinquents party forever while keeping him captive.

Looking to add a little more color to the already colorful island of Blackreef? Or maybe you just want Colt to blend in with his Eternalist foes a little better? Join the Arkane Outsiders group for free and receive the “Eternalist Colt” skin, as well as a unique weapon, the “Ever After” Strelak Verso. Get a closer look at both exclusive items in the video and see why being an Arkane Outsider never looked so good. Visit to join Arkane Outsiders and receive your items. Launching Sept...


Your chance to explore the mysterious and dangerous island of Blackreef is just around the corner. Pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe edition of DEATHLOOP now to receive exclusive bonuses including unique weapons, character skins, and more! PRE-ORDER BONUS (Both Editions) - Unique Character Skin: "Storm Rider" Colt - One Trinket (equippable buff) DELUXE EDITION CONTENT - Unique Weapon: Eat The Rich Tribunal - Unique Weapon: .44 Karat Fourpounder - Character Skin: "Party Crasher" Colt - Char...


Prowling stealthily across rooftops or tearing through the streets of Blackreef in a hail of bullets. Finding a hidden entrance or busting in through the front door. There are many ways to reach your targets in DEATHLOOP. Our target in this extended look at the game is the Visionary Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey. Watch Colt infiltrate his well-guarded nightly party and take him down! Launching September 14, 2021 on console exclusively for PlayStation 5 and available on PC! Available for pre-order no...


Bethesda Softworks und die französischen Arkane Studios haben in der jüngsten "State of Play"-Präsentation von Sony Interactive Entertainment einen ausführlichen Einblick in das kommende First-Person-Actionspiel Deathloop gewährt. Die Schöpfer der Dishonored-Spiele, die kürzlich mit Redfall bereits ihr nächstes » Komplette News auf lesen » Deathloop auf


n extended Deathloop gameplay trailer appeared during today's State of Play livestream, showcasing a mission to hunt down and kill Aleksis "The Wolf" Dorsey... Read more.

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