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  • Democracy 3
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Democracy 3
Have you ever wanted to be president? or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let's face it, you could har…
Oct. 14, 2013
Democracy 3: Clones and Drones
What challenges are to come for the politicians of the future? Mass unemployment due to the automation of factories? or will this lead to a leisure s…
Oct. 27, 2014
Democracy 3: Extremism
This expansion for Democracy 3 adds 33 new situations and policies that reflect the more extreme side of politics, all within the framework of a demo…
May 13, 2014
Democracy 3: Social Engineering
This expansion for Democracy 3 adds new dilemmas and policies which allow you to exert subtle change upon your country. Income taxes and Economic pol…
Feb. 6, 2014
maxim dinu
maxim dinu
Democracy 3 is a game with minimum graphics but with maximum interactions and various things to do and experience. Maybe the simulation of the political life seems dull and tedious but this game incorporates various systems from different countries to simulate a political campaign in that area. You are sure to vex some voters and you will find crisis situation that will dent your popularity but your scope should always be- win the next term and avoid bankruptcy. I think the game it's a fun experience and at a price of 2-3 euros it's a must.
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