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Democracy 4 lets you take the role of President / Prime minister, govern the country (choosing its policies, laws and other actions), and both transform the country as you see fit, while trying to retain enough popularity to get re-elected...

Built on a custom-built neural network designed to model the opinions, beliefs, thoughts and biases of thousands of virtual citizens, Democracy 4 is the state-of-the-art in political simulation games. A whole new vector-graphics engine gives the game a more adaptable, cleaner user interface, and the fourth in the series builds on the past while adding a host of new features such as media reports, coalition governments, emergency powers, three-party systems and a more sophisticated simulation that handles inflation, corruption and modern policy ideas such as quantitative easing, helicopter money, universal basic income and policies to cover current political topics such as police body cameras, transgender rights and tons more.

Democracy 4 is the ultimate sandbox for testing out your political ideas. We all think our politicians are useless and that we could do a better job ourselves, but is that really true? With one eye on the budget, one-eye on the polls, and somehow finding time to watch out for terrorist attacks at the same time, you will find that staying in power while changing society for the better is a tougher job than you ever imagined.

Would it really be a good idea to legalize all drugs? to give the police machineguns? to ban abortion? to invest heavily in green energy? would UBI really work? can you stay elected after cutting pensions in half to pay for your science budget? There is only one game that lets you find out!

The intention in designing this game is to have no implied bias whatsoever (tricky, but we try!) so this is NOT a game that is going to lecture you about politics, or tell you that your beliefs are wrong. This is a strategy game, not a political protest :D. If you want to turn your country into ayn rand's fantasy, abolish all public spending and all taxes, you can do that. it might work, it might not! depending on how you handle it. On the other hand if you want to nationalise the railways, the energy companies, the water companies, cap CEO pay, ban second-home ownership and put universal income in place, you can do that too. All the game tries to do is model the *likely* effects, short and long term of any action you take.

Because modders have so enthusiastically supported earlier games in the series, we are doing our bet to make Democracy 4 as mod-friendly as possible too, and steam workshop support will make choosing and installing mods easy. Ultimately all our data is in text files that you can edit yourself, so if you think our analysis of the link between car tax and car usage is wrong (for example), its trivial to edit it, and share your changes with other players.

Ultimately Democracy 4 is not a game about simply winning an election, but about running the country. Losing an election is just the end-game (unless you get assassinated), the real challenge to the game is whether or not you can create country you are honestly proud of. I hope you enjoy trying :D

1) National service now reduces unemployment. 2) Banning coal now has vastly different impacts on GDP, CO2 Emissions and Oil Demand depending on the country. 3) Support for new overrides that adjust political capital costs. 4) Stem cells and Handgun laws now twice as easy to adjust in every country but USA. 5) The impact of Debt Crisis on inflation and business confidence is now much worse at a high level of debt. 6) Increased the impact of Multinational Tax Evasion on income from sales and corp...


1) Fixed crash bug when selecting view policy after clicking on a media report in the next turn screen.


1) The 'richest company pays no tax' event now cannot trigger if corporation tax is not active. 2) A whole bunch of events are now more, or less likely depending upon difficulty settings. 3) Added lots of overrides so Japan's religious group behaves like Shinto/Buddhist not christian. 4) Fixed scroll left button on mission selector. 5) Fixed display of perceptions and event changes so its more clearly +/- 50%. 6) Added feature where the player gets quarterly warnings if voter perceptions of them...


1) Accidental shooting event now more dependent on the level of violent crime. 2) Missing translations now added.


1) Agreeing to the Freedom Of Information Dilemma now reduces Corruption. 2) Resignation dialog now shows effect on voter perceptions of leader. 3) State Broadcaster now takes a year to implement, and reduces impact of Media Monopoly situation. 4) UK now has the English language correctly affect Immigration demand, not actual Immigration. 5) Some UI improvements to the 'update mod' and 'create mod' screens. 6) Cancelling driverless car laws after the situation triggers will now end that situatio...






  • OS: Windows 7,8,10
  • Processor: intel i5 1.6GHZ
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: intel HD3000
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any





  • OS: Windows 7,8,10
  • Processor: intel i7
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: intel HD3000
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any


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