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There is one name that people think of when first-person shooters are talked about historically. One name that set the standard for what a first-person shooter could be, how much fun it could be, and how insane it could be. That name, is DOOM. The original, undisputed king of first-person shooters, DOOM set a tone for destruction and hilarity that few have replicated. But now, in this modern age of gaming, the team behind DOOM have returned to make DOOM great again. And doing it the only way they know up. Upping the action, upping the insanity, and yes, bringing back Doomguy.

In this modern interpretation of DOOM, you'll once again have to face the scourges of the underworld as Doomguy. Who once again has a very simple mission, kill everything that moves. In an over-the-top and action filled singleplayer campaign you'll do just that. Use weapons of every shape and size to absolutely annihilate the demons that come to kill. And trust us, there's a lot to kill. Whether you shoot them full of holes, blast them to pieces, or make them simply disappear, any outcome is a good one as long as they're dead.

Then, when you have braved through the singleplayer mode, you'll get to take a crack at multiplayer, where your friends can be your greatest foes, and the world wants to be the best Doomguy. Or the best demon! You have that option!

Plus, you'll be able to create your own DOOM levels and share them with the world! So grab your gun, and get the job done.

Someone has brought the fist and foot flinging action of Mortal Kombat 2 to Doom. Mod creator Doomero has been working on this one for more than a year, releasing what they consider to be the full version earlier this month. Doomero's appropriately named Mortal Kombat DooM mod comes with ladder modes for one and two players and a one-on-one mode if you fancy duking it out for supremacy against your pal. You've also got The Living Forrest, a multiplayer level you access on singleplayer or tag tea...


Snarling space marines aren't the only problem a hapless zombie has to deal with these days. After all, it's the Icon of Sin festival tomorrow, and you don't even have a date! Can you woo the demon of your dreams, or will Cyberdemon and his Hell Knight goons bully you out of this unholy high school party?.. Read more.


We've covered all sorts of Doom ports here, from Minecraft to McDonald's cash registers, and this might be the weirdest yet. Someone's gotten the FPS game running in gif form, and you can see it in action down below. The way it works is simple - on this ao3 page, you'll see a constantly evolving gif of Doom, with a set of clickable controls below. Much like the Twitch plays series of crowd-controlled play-throughs, every input that's clicked by anyone with the webpage open goes into a queue, and...


Another day, another strange Doom port. This time, it's Doom on the controller for a GoPro Karma drone. The buttons make doing much of anything difficulty, but as ever, the FPS game perseveres. This was posted by Maserati52 on Reddit. As it turns out, getting Doom running on the hardware isn't difficult. GoPro's controllers use Android software, and all you need to do is install a new version of Android, and the Android port of doom should boot up without any issue. Moving around and shooting is...


What if Doom was 3D? Okay, yes, I know, the original Doom was already an innovator in the world of 3D games, following up on Wolfenstein 3D with the proof that FPS games were here to stay, but I mean actual 3D, in the hologram sense. Well, now developers have gotten Doom running on a holographic display, so you can really check out every corner of E1M1. Jan Kaiser posted a video of Doom running on a Looking Glass holographic display to Twitter earlier this week, and it's a pretty impressive show...

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