Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

We've updated Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for Mac OS in order to fix a game breaking bug.


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Sorry it took us so long but we've been PRETTY BUSY. The steam overlay now works and you have the option to launch with or without it. Launch the options(Launcher) first to select your settings and run the game like that for the first time. Afterward you can just run Duke Manhattan and it will have saved your previous settings. COME GET SOME!


(Note: The iOS version will be handled by 3D Realms, not Spawn Studios, as stated in the original story. Shacknews regrets this error.) Duke Nukem is arming himself to the teeth for another classic re-release, this time for his classic 2002 PC shooter, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. The 2.5D shooter is set to arrive on iOS and tug at your nostalgic heartstrings later this week.


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