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  • Erica

Prepare to immerse yourself in an interactive live-action thriller, merging the world of film and game like never before.

Erica, a young lady plagued with nightmares of her father's murder. With the traumatic events of her childhood dragged back into the light via grisly new clues, it's up to you to unearth the shocking truth.

Explore the enigma of Delphi House where every choice you make influences how the game develops, with multiple endings awaiting you at the finale of the gripping branching narrative.

Ground-breaking live-action technology
Immerse yourself in a feature-length cinematic experience where you affect the action playing out on-screen, merging high-fidelity Hollywood production values with engaging, tactile gameplay.

Make key choices via interactive storytelling
Alter the path of the game's branching narrative by making meaningful decisions that have a profound effect on how the story plays out. Choose how Erica interacts with other characters through conversation, and shape her relationships with them.

A filmic score filled with tension
Get wrapped up in every moment via a haunting soundtrack from Austin Wintory, the award-winning composer of games such as Journey, The Banner Saga 3 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

Welcome to San Rosa. Underneath its picturesque skyline a cesspit of vice and corruption plagues the night. Join Bambi, a morally ambiguous henchman, as you guide him through a night of crime and survival - where every decision rests upon your touch. Love or loyalty? You choose. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Hello everyone! We've been working hard at Flavourworks and, following the resounding success of our first release 'Erica', we're excited to share with you the next evolution of immersive entertainment....


Hi everyone! Erica has just been updated to patch v1.2 wherein the following changes have now been fully implemented. Fixed an issue wherein tallied achievements were not being rewarded: I See Dead People Foxy Voyeur Paperwork Thank You Backstage Pass Botanist These achievements are now fully obtainable. The achievement "That's a Wrap!" has been removed. Adjustments to how non-ASCII characters in file paths were handled, reducing potential crashes and improving overall stability. At Flavourworks...


Hi everyone! We've just pushed forward a Public Beta in regards to an issue wherein tallied achievements were not being awarded correctly, and would love to receive your feedback. In this build the following achievements should now be fixed and obtainable: I See Dead People Foxy Voyeur Paperwork Thank You Backstage Pass Botanist EDIT: Please be aware that the 'That's a Wrap!' is still currently unavailable and being worked on. To access the Public Beta Branch please navigate towards the properti...


Hey everyone! It's been absolutely amazing watching everyone play Erica and discuss their favourite theories. We've been monitoring some issue that some people have had and we have a few fixes for you! In particular, this update: fixes an issue where the game would crash on startup running in folders with certain characters in the name fixes an intermitent crash in the rendering code on certain hardware configurations We'll keep an eye out for anything else and we'll keep updating the game. Than...


They're coming in fast! This one fixes issues that people on high-refresh rate displays were seeing, like getting stuck on the wiping of the plaque, having issues opening the zippo, or not showing videos on startup. Please post any issues you're still having on the Technical Support forum. Everyone here at Flavourworks is really excited to see people play Erica. Thanks! Pavle






  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i3 or later
  • Graphics: GTX 970 or Radeon 390 or later
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 37 GB available space


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