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EVERSPACE™ 2 is a fast-paced single-player space shooter with deep exploration, tons of loot and classic RPG elements. Experience a thrilling story set in a vivid, handcrafted open-world full of secrets and perils on your journey to become human after all.

In the campaign, you will make some friends with their own story to tell. They will join you on side missions and provide certain benefits in the endgame, where vicious encounters and brutal challenges will stand between you and that next epic loot drop.

Embark on an exciting journey
Discover alien species, unveil mysteries, find hidden treasures and defend your valuables against outlaw clans. But don’t get cocky: there will be some high-risk/high-reward areas waiting for you where grabbing that ultra-special gear and getting out alive will require some serious piloting skills and all your talent for improvisation.

Let the lasers do the talking
Annihilate your foes the EVERSPACE™ way: Dodge, dash, roll and boost guns blazing into frantic dogfights, leaving only a trail of space scrap behind. Use a wide range of weaponry and abilities to defeat a large variety of opponents like drones, fighters, heavy bombers and powerful gunships all the way to massive capital vessels. Always look around and use your environment to your advantage, and gain the upper hand even if you are outnumbered.

Have it your own way
Expand your private ship collection from a virtually endless supply of ships, composed of various unique ship classes and optimize your build to perfection. Cleverly combine modules, weapons, devices, and perks to fit your individual playstyle and the current objective.

Epic loot awaits
Hunt for the next better gear and be ready to constantly re-evaluate your current setup. Look for loot that fits your playstyle but be willing to leave your comfort zone and try something new. Be ready to find and exploit synergistic effects between equipment, perks, devices, and ships to fully maximize their potential.

From rags to riches
Roam the world looking for the best deals on certain commodities, becoming the part-time trader you always wanted to be. However, prices will vary based on supply and demand, so you better check about the latest offerings before you set course to the next trading station. Always be on the look-out against ambushes during interstellar travel.

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35665597/353fa4aac8f66401f83c70df12424cbd38133cb2.jpg Greetings, Pilots! Time is relative, indeed. For us developers, it is flying because the next major milestone is always just around the corner. But for you all it probably feels like forever until you can get your hands on the next pre-release version of EVESPACE 2, right? Well, we’ve got some great news. Closed Beta Drop We have just updated the official EVERSPACE 2 pre-release build on Steam. Alpha backers can simply fire...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35665597/3a9c1dbee27ab5fe52644d4d5f88c4cdea4bb286.jpg Greetings, Pilots! For any of you who might have been hiding under a rock in a galaxy far, far away, we would like to get the following major news onto your radar. Steam Early Access Announcement We are sticking to our promise of bringing EVERSPACE 2 to Steam first (duh!) and have officially announced Early Access in December 2020: A few minutes ago, we dropped a dopamine-rush gameplay trailer, followed by a snazzy dev comm...


Hey there, test pilots! Today, we're happy to release a small update for the EVERSPACE 2 prototype/demo with a few settings that have been in high demand. These are already present in the Alpha version of EVERSPACE 2, and although we had not planned on updating the prototype/demo at all, we figured that these would be relatively easy to retroactively add, as they do not affect the game code too much. Just don't expect any further updates - as you can imagine we're very busy working on the Beta a...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35665597/5e51ce551a0b9b823bf66973a39b853c512a3151.jpg Attention, Pilots! Buckle up for a mesmerizing ride through the all-new star system Union, a bustling trading hub with humongous stations floating in vast space cloud formations, in our latest dev build! Join us on Twitch, YouTube or the EVERSPACE 2 Steam store page from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PDT where Erik, our community ambassador, will give you a taste of some of the new ...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35665597/51825fcfd3878dc092eb6578b894401fcb787bdb.jpg What. A. Blast! The EVERSPACE 2 “alpha beat” has been our biggest marketing event ever in terms of media coverage and user engagement. IGN reported over one million live viewers on their streaming platforms during the block when EVERSPACE 2 was on, and while we don’t have any stats from PC Gamer, we can tell by comparing the number of Wishlist additions during those two days, the PC Gaming Show must have been absolutely bon...






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