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Evolution of Ages is a strategy simulation game set in a ruined world. The title was developed and published by TREON Games on February 2nd, 2018.

As civilization decayed the world as we know it ceased to exist. Now, the few groups that managed to survive are living in caves, hidden. You have to band the remnants of humanity together and leave the cursed stone age once more while avoiding the thing that crushed the human kind before. Manage your resources in a limited amount of space, control the pace of the game,  customize and train your characters and their skills, research various kinds of technologies, and make an empire rise from the ashes of the forgotten world!

Evolution of Ages lets you change the name, voice, and appearance of your characters, which can also obtain feats and get allocated to a family. There are 10 Technological Eras in the game, from the Stone Age to the Space Age, and players get to dictate how fast you progress, or you can just stay at one era if you want. Houses, factories, over 100 buildings are at your disposal, but since space is limited, you have to make each building count. While there are over 60 character skills, one character can train in only 15 skills at a time.

Certain skills affect all of your settlements, and these are the World Skills, there are over 10 of them, and they range from things like metal lore to militia combat training. Your settlements can't accept everyone, but those that live in the wild can still be allies, so help them in order to acquire Diplomacy Points. There's an in-depth crafting system, over 1000 items to get a hold of, over 100 monsters, 9 thrilling boss fights, 5 difficulty settings that let you decide how unforgiving the game is going to be, and the Doomsday system and Main Plot Failures, endgame objectives for the most powerful of settlements.

Hello to all my existing community and to those that are thinking of buying EOA:Settlements. As many may be aware, I was hit with a series of critical health issues some time back that caused my ability to concentrate and work very difficult. As such I had to pause the DLC I was planning for the game. My condition got worse and I also had to stop my twitch channel as even speaking was exhausting. Finally 2 months ago I stopped posting new videos on my youtube channel as my health progressively g...


Hi everyone and welcome to a State of the Game Update. So first up, I have posted a few times on the forums but not everyone reads every post I make, so it is likely that many of our player base are wondering where is Update 1.4 and DLC 1. So lets address that first before we go into when it they are due out. 1) Sadly I have not been very well of late and worse yet, I did not rest last time I was unwell and this led to a series of back to back illness that ended up in me being very sick. 2) I wa...


Hi all of you wonderful people and welcome to another update to Evolution of Ages: Settlements This update is more of an overhaul of minor issues that have been outstanding or posted on the forums of late. List of Fixes Changed the name of Militia training on the world skills page from Military Training, which was incorrect. I have overhauled the storage values. Not only do they now work as intended but also you have a tooltip on your storage to explain where all of the storage has come from. I ...


Hi folks, This was going to just be a hotfix for the Treasure bug on test but I decided to add a little extra! New World Skill Interface I have built a new interface for the world skills. All world skills in the game are now listed on the new GUI. There are now tooltips for each skill, explaining what they are used for. There is now a clear experience bar, showing how close you are to the next level. New World Skill Yes! You even get a new world skill. Logical Thinking! This skill is gained thro...


Hello and welcome to this first update of July. This is build (or, as it is part of the 1.4 update build). First, some scouting changes.... SCOUTING You can now set scouting to auto select your next scout. This option can be made in both the settings menu and on the scouting screen. This option will help to reduce the amount of clicks required to send out your scouts. Next up, you can now send 8 scouts! This is something that has been requested a few times and although it is now...






  • OS: Windows 7 or Later
  • Processor: 64 Bit (A limited 32 bit Client is available)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Sound Card: Any
  • Additional Notes: WideScreen Recommended





  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 64 Bit
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any


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