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  • Floor 13: Deep State

Floor 13: Deep State is a dynamically generated dystopian thriller, inspired by the 90’s classic Floor 13 and created by its original team.

In a free society, citizens make their own decisions, can challenge authority, and are able to speak their truth. Your job is to put a stop to that.

Return to the elusive 13th floor in a London you think you know, wielding your resources and the power of the pen to redefine “the truth.” Fake news, illegal surveillance, assassination - it doesn’t matter how you get the job done, all you need to do is sign the order. At the helm of the machinery of the deep state, you will encounter characters and events inspired by today’s political climate. It is up to you to uphold the status quo.

The Unforeseen Chapter is the first new content since release, a stand alone chapter available as soon as your Director General has passed probation. Deal with problems foreign and domestic, familiar, and weird. Sometimes all at once. Small changes - Positive news gives a slightly higher poll kick, making the overall game slightly easier. (New content is in English)


Good afternoon Director General, As a surprise addition to this update, we made a fix for the 'black screen' problem that still hits a few players with either second screens or a wider variety of refresh rates. Apologies if you were hit with this and had to make compromises to see the game. Quite a few of our newer players requested a bit more guidance through early plots. These will appear via your contact if you have not made progress. And of course the major bugbear of probation - you can now...


This is an important message from the Ministry. You can now manage Ministry affairs from your Mac. The build, Mangetout, can now be downloaded. When in play, use the Quality setting as appropriate. Thank you for your patience, and best wishes for the Season. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries


This is an important message from the Ministry. The current update (Mangetout) fixes the problem where Search teams did not return after being assigned. The department staff in question have been forced to confess prompted to improve their work habits and return to the departments promptly. This should vastly improve the DG's experience, and we apologise for this inconvenience. As has been noted, the game ending was - 'very challenging'. We have decided to reduce the difficulty to merely 'challe...


This is an important message from the Ministry. The current update (Kale) fixes the start crash bug that affected players using screens with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. We have also fixed the Review Order rescind bug that mixed up which order was rescinded. After intense interrogation under duress some informal conversations, our technical team was able to sort these out and push an update. Thank you for your patience. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries






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