Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle

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  • Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle

Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle include:

  • Frostbite Outfit
  • Cold Front Glider
  • Chill-axe Pickaxe
  • Freezing Point Back Bling
  • 1.000 V-Bucks

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in all of the world today, and for good reason. The title is bringing millions upon millions of players together in order to have epic 100-player battles that test their skills to the absolute limit, and beyond. But one of the other reasons that the game is so beloved is because of all the cosmetic items that come with the game. Epic Games has made players quite the wardrobe, and it'd be a pity to not wear them. But, if you haven't gotten the game yet, then you'll want to get the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle, where you can get the title and some gear all at once!

So, what's in the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle? Well, first and foremost you'll get the game! Which is very important, right? But, obviously, you can get the game for free if you wanted, so you're really here for the gear! Well, if you get the Deep Freeze Bundle, you'll get the Frostbite Outfit! Perfect in snowy terrain, or to just make sure that your character doesn't get cold! You'll also get the Cold Front Glider, which will make sure that you are ready to glide into the battle in the coolest way possible.

Plus, with the Chile-Axe Pickaxe, you'll be able to mine and collect materials so that you can continue to make bigger and bigger constructions!

Add to all of that, you'll get 1,000 V-Bucks. Which will enable you to purchase other items in the game!

And if you get it on the Xbox One system, you're getting the best graphical version of Fortnite, one that is enhanced in many ways.

So don't miss out, get your key for the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle here!

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