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  • InfraSpace

Produce Everything you Consume

Out on the edges of human space, you can't build a city by spending credits. Instead, you'll have to put your first astronauts to mining work and get some raw materials. Once you have some iron, carbon, sand, and sulfur, it's time to set up your first steel mill and concrete factory to start laying down some infrastructure. Even necessities like food and oxygen require a steady production chain that must not be broken!

Transport Infrastructure

InfraSpace simulates every. single. car. Each resource you ever produce needs to be transported to a factory for processing and each product needs to go to a habitat for consumption. Your road network can handle a lot, but without your oversight it will grind to a halt and drown in traffic eventually. Build highways, roundabouts, and multi lane roads to ensure the production heart of the city keeps beating.

Population Growth

Your first colonists will be astronauts, the best and the bravest humanity has to offer. Give them food and shelter and they'll keep your outpost running no matter what. As your settlement grows, you need to cover the increasing workload by employing scientists and engineers, which require a few more creature comforts. Any city of sufficient size will sooner or later be home to more and more families as well, so make sure your schools can handle it and you are able to deliver the latest VR-edutainment products as well.

The End Goal

Humanity has discovered the technology to make artificial wormholes in order to jump vast distances through space. Unfortunately, these wormholes require portals of enormous size - no small team of astronauts can build one on their own. As humanity's conquest of space continues, it's your job to build an outpost in a far off world capable to handle the huge amounts of resources and work necessary to build one of these portals.

You can choose to ignore the end goal and just build freely in infinite mode if that's more your style of city building!

You don't have to play hard

Traffic management can be fickle and survival can be tough. You can adjust the difficulties of both to make your city management experience as easy - or as hard - as you want it to be.

Hello everyone! Please find the changelog for this week's update at the bottom. Train Update Release Date I've seen a lot of people eagerly waiting for the train update, so I wanted to give you a release date: Alpha 8, the Train Update will come out in 2 weeks, on Friday Dec 10th! I spent this week getting trains to move on their rails as well as setting up train lines. We're going to need next week to handle train signaling so they don't drive through each other all the time. And finally, we re...


Hello everyone! In this week's update we're releasing mostly bugfixes, but also a road building convenience feature as well as the Hungarian translation. Changelog If two neighboring roads are too close to each other at an intersection, they now auto-bend instead of going red and complaining about it Elevated roads now also snap to road angle + length and respect the auto-curve button Added info panel for construction material storehouse Fixed an issue where the research queue number wasn't prop...


Hello everyone! Changelog for this week's update Save loading time improved by ~20% Balance: Buildings can now store more iridium. Was necessary so they don't have to wait for deliveries after completing an item Balance: Immigration rate is higher in mid-game Balance: Adamantine mine requires less red science packs, but takes a little longer to mine one unit of admantine Balance: People waiting in a space port move in twice as fast once habitat requirements are met Balance: Fewer parks and arena...


Hello everyone! Check out our new train station: {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/39655494/ec5af1af14a0783e18963a168d6626e079af0cb0.jpg You will be able to hook up the station directly to your road network by using one of the entrance and exit roads. This allows you to to handle many more goods per minute than with a default access road like most buildings. The model is designed in a way to handle different amounts of rails, but we're not sure yet if we'll release this as a feature - we need to work more on t...


Hello everyone! this Friday we're bringing you another update with some quite varied content: Big Performance Boost We've seen playtesters get twice as many frames per second on large cities with this update if their game was CPU-bound. If your computer has enough CPU power but is struggling with graphics, this update will not improve fps quite as much, but still a little, especially on the low graphics settings. Also, we fixed a related stuttering issue. New construction sites for Adamantine Mi...






  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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