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  • Knight Bewitched

Knight Bewitched is a turn-based jRPG that follows the love story of innocent witch Gwen and Ruth, the stalwart knight tasked to slay her.


  • A love story and an epic adventure: Meet heroes, Explore dungeons, fight bosses, collect treasure!
  • Four difficulty modes: Play on Casual for a story-focused experience or Heroic for RPG veterans
  • SNES-style pixel graphics
  • Turn-based jRPG gameplay
  • Steam Achievements

After slaying the dragon Typhus the Younger, fearless knight Ruth and her companions are tasked with hunting the witch Gwendolyn. In an unfortunate turn of events, Ruth collapses from illness and is nursed back to health by no other than the witch she was tasked to kill. Unable to slay the woman who saved her life, Ruth is jailed on suspicion of bewitchment and later saved by her comrades.

As a new threat looms over the horizon, Ruth and Gwen, together with young orphaned companion Stray and mysterious rogue Uno, rise to the occasion. As they journey, a flame slowly ignites between the hearts of Ruth and Gwen.

But is this true love, or is Ruth truly bewitched?

Hello, another small bugfix update was released today: It should now (hopefully, finally) be impossible to obtain multiple Wands of Fate from Keller It is no longer possible to forge multiple Schicksalsschlags (even if you have a duplicate Wand of Fate already) If you have accidently forged 2 Schicksalsschlags, re-entering Ullo's Forge will automatically refund your Arcanite Ores and allow you to forge another weapon If you encounter any issues, please comment here or email me at Jkweath @ gmail...


Hello, A small bugfix patch was released today: It is no longer possible to obtain a 2nd Wand of Fate after making the Schicks-whatever staff Uno's Shadow Step damage formula was fixed Vladi and Mirin's Return mechanic now functions as intended If you encounter any problems, feel free to comment or email me: jkweath (@)


Hello, I've released an update today addressing achievements: After completing the Sealed Tower, speaking with the nun in Halonia's middle section (where the statue room is) will refresh achievements. Due to how the Strife fight was set up, you'll get the achievement for defeating him regardless of if you've challenged him or not. All achievements involving defeating the final boss could not be included in this fix. If you want these achievements, you'll need to defeat the final boss again. Many...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32517448/bf986c80290a667c5151ed8ecc4592f22ea73c04.png Hello everyone! The Absinthia campaign has made it far thanks to everyone who's played Knight Bewitched and helped its crowdfunding campaign last year. Thanks to your efforts, we're currently at 82% funding as of this writing. Though the campaign's performed well up to this point, the reality is that we're still 18% short of the base goal (about $3,600 as of this writing). Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, so if we...


Hello again! Thanks to the many generous folks who pledged to the Knight Bewitched Kickstarter, the Absinthia campaign is off to a great start! We're currently at 40% funding with 25 days to go. If you plan on purchasing Absinthia upon its release, please consider pledging to the campaign instead. Every pledge helps, even if you're just buying a digital key. We need all the help we can get! Here's the link to the Kickstarter! I recently released an update detailing our budget and collaborator br...






  • OS: XP and above
  • Processor: 2.2GHz dual-core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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