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  • Knight Bewitched

Knight Bewitched is a turn-based jRPG that follows the love story of innocent witch Gwen and Ruth, the stalwart knight tasked to slay her.


  • A love story and an epic adventure: Meet heroes, Explore dungeons, fight bosses, collect treasure!
  • Four difficulty modes: Play on Casual for a story-focused experience or Heroic for RPG veterans
  • SNES-style pixel graphics
  • Turn-based jRPG gameplay
  • Steam Achievements

After slaying the dragon Typhus the Younger, fearless knight Ruth and her companions are tasked with hunting the witch Gwendolyn. In an unfortunate turn of events, Ruth collapses from illness and is nursed back to health by no other than the witch she was tasked to kill. Unable to slay the woman who saved her life, Ruth is jailed on suspicion of bewitchment and later saved by her comrades.

As a new threat looms over the horizon, Ruth and Gwen, together with young orphaned companion Stray and mysterious rogue Uno, rise to the occasion. As they journey, a flame slowly ignites between the hearts of Ruth and Gwen.

But is this true love, or is Ruth truly bewitched?

Hello everyone! Knight Bewitched 2's release week was a huge success. Besides the first Knight Bewitched, it outperformed the release days of all of my other games combined! Thank you! if you've beaten the game already and have a moment to spare, please leave a review alongside any thoughts or suggestions you have for my next game. Sorry to keep pushing on this - the 10 review mark is a big milestone as it establishes the game's overall rating. As of this post, we're at 7 customer reviews--only ...


Heya! A minor update was released today in preparation for the upcoming sequel Knight Bewitched 2.: -A Battle Animation Speed option was added to speed up the flow of battle. -A small new temple area, alongside a short conversation, was added. You can find this area by sailing directly south of Gabenport (or slightly east of Deepforge II). This temple is the first area you'll be exploring in the sequel: {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32517448/874970421fc83aa3a7ecd2cf136fd43460791257.png -Some of you might r...


Heya! Knight Bewitched 2 is available now on Aldorlea for $14.99. A free demo is also available on Aldorlea if you'd like to try the game first and purchase it later. If you do this and later purchase the Steam version, you'll have to manually copy your save file over to the game's Steam folder. All sales from Aldorlea go directly toward funding my projects :) The Steam release is expected to be on August 10 with a 20% launch discount (making it $7.99 for one week). The Google Play release will ...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32517448/7ac6913d775a3402b051dfc7f4aa46c080cabc33.gif Heya! If you haven't added Knight Bewitched 2 to your wishlist yet, you definitely should! Based on my experience developing and playtesting along with my beta tester, Knight Bewitched 2 is shaping up to be my best release yet. You won't want to miss it! When's the release date? Here's the current tentative release schedule: Knight Bewitched 2 will release first on Aldorlea Games on August 15 for $14.99. A free demo will al...


Heya! Though Knight Bewitched 2 is still very early in development, I'd like to talk about progress made with it so far as well as a couple new features. Much of the work done with Knight Bewitched 2 so far has involved improving the game's base scenes: {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32517448/04660cfd4e31b9ef8410d7ce6b117386c34f2bcf.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32517448/ad3df883eb7646da707cff49719d783a9e269142.png I've uploaded a video showcasing some of the new menus on my Twitter feed. I don't post on Twitter o...






  • OS: XP and above
  • Processor: 2.2GHz dual-core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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