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  • Mario Tennis Aces Nintendo Switch

The Mario franchise has spawned many spinoffs in its time, but few of them have reached the popularity of the sports games that Mario has starred in over the years! And now, for the first true time in multiple console generations, the Mario Tennis franchise returns! This time with more technical gameplay, more characters to play as, online modes, and more! This is Mario Tennis Aces!

Now you might be thinking, "Oh great, it's a tennis game with Mario in it, big deal!" But it IS a big deal! Of that I assure you. For this Mario Tennis game is stylized in the Mario-way of doing things while also being true to the tennis roots that the game is inspired by. Each of your characters have special abilities and talents that you can use on the court. And you'll need to think like a tennis player if you're hoping to score points in this game!

There are plenty of new features that add to the tennis aspect of the gameplay, including super-powered smashes, and the ability to actually break your racket if you go too hard! So you'll need to be smart to win!

Plus, for the first time ever, you'll actually get to compete in a Mario Tennis story mode! With all sorts of returning characters giving Mario, Luigi, Peach, and more a run for their money!

Mario Tennis Aces also features online play for the first time! Whether it's local co-op, or online matches via Nintendo Switch Online, there's a lot to enjoy, especially with Nintendo updating the game regularly!

So why wait? Get Mario Tennis Aces today!

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