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Metro 2033 Redux – XBOX ONE is the most complete and impressive version of the base game. It was created in the new iteration of the 4A Engine to provide the game with improved lighting, physics, and dynamic weather effects. Doesn't matter if you're someone new to this franchise or an old player returning to see the glory of the new edition, Metro 2033 Redux sheds new light onto this single-player tactical survival horror shooter!

The gameplay improvements and quality-of-life features that were implemented in Metro: Last Light now makes their way to the first game as well. Improved AI, polished controls, enhanced animation, and weapon handling, and more. Everything got upgraded to turn this game into a shining gem that finally has the polish it deserves!

Enter the darkness of the Moscow Metro and experience one of the most atmospheric worlds ever created where you can sneak around, look for supplies, and shoot down humans and monsters alike. The Russian apocalypse has never looked so good, so pick up any hand-made weaponry that's at your disposal, equip your gas mask, and venture forth!

Spartan and Survival play styles are both available, together with the Ranger Mode that turns the entire game into one hell of an immersive survival shooter that only a select few can finish!

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