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Metro Exodus - XBOX ONE is the third game in the Metro franchise, and it features an intense story-driven experience that will take you all across post-apocalyptic Russia where you will fight humans and mutants alike, meet new allies, and survive in a cruel and unforgiving world.

4A Games once again show us how visceral and brutal combat can be, with slick shooting mechanics and stealth gameplay that allows you to eliminate your enemies from the shadows and without being noticed. Pack this in with an amazing world that you get to explore as you're looking for weapons, ammo, and anything that can be of use. Dive deep into an amazingly crafted world with such an intense atmosphere and immersion levels that surpass the previous two titles immeasurably. Tension, adrenaline, terror, all of this and more is found in the world of Metro Exodus, and you're the one that gets to experience that directly.

A gripping storyline awaits as you journey across the devastated land of Russia with your allies, with whom you can bond with, and new ones that you can recruit to help you with your cause. But, the wastelands also hold many secrets and many cunning enemies that you're going to run into. Human foes and mutated horrors are all a danger that you're going to face. The nuclear bombs ravaged the land, but they also gave birth to all kinds of new and dangerous species that lurk about.

Metro Exodus also features an incredibly complex weapon customization system that allows you to tinker with your weapons in all kinds of ways. Turn a regular pistol into a bolt action rifle as you change and add new parts, or switch up your gun on the fly thanks to your backpack and adapt your weaponry to any situation that you find yourself in.

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