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What is Monster Hunter: World?

Monster Hunter: World is an ARPG and the fifth entry in the globally acclaimed Monster Hunter franchise.

Who made Monster Hunter: World?

Monster Hunter: World was developed and published by Capcom.

When did Monster Hunter: World come out?

Monster Hunter: World was first released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2018. Then Monster Hunter: World arrived on the PC in August 2018.

How to play Monster Hunter: World offline:

Monster Hunter: World will put you in an offline lobby if you don't have internet, so just pull out your Ethernet cable or turn off your Wi-Fi and you're set.

How long does it take to beat Monster Hunter: World?

If you do just the main objectives in Monster Hunter: World, you can beat the game in 45-55 hours. Players who have a lot of free time and want to complete all the game's content need around 350-400 hours.

How to play with friends on Monster Hunter: World:

To play Monster Hunter: World with friends, you need to:

  1. Have an internet connection
  2. Invite the people you want to play with by going to the Pause Menu - Communications - Invite a Friend
  3. Then you post a Quest on the Quest Board and set the player limit

How many monsters are there in Monster Hunter: World?

When taking into account both Small and Large Monsters, Monster Hunter: World has 91 monsters in total with its Iceborn expansion.

How much is Monster Hunter: World?

You can buy Monster Hunter: World for 29,99€. But you can buy a Monster Hunter: World key for a much lower price on HRK Game at any time.


Buy a Monster Hunter: World key and

Enjoy a brand new world where you're the Hunter that slays savage beasts in a dynamic ecosystem. Take on the game alone or with friends and create amazing gear made from the material your prey left behind. Bigger and badder monsters await, so gear up and venture out!


A Living and Breathing World

The world of Monster Hunter: World is filled with all sorts of flora and fauna. Explore these fascinating locales and you're going to find a ton of exciting discoveries.

Show your Worth as a Hunter

Take down ferocious foes and use the materials scavenged from their bodies to create insanely powerful equipment. Then head out and challenge even bigger threats and conquer them to create even more insane weapons.

Complex Hunting Tools

When you buy a Monster Hunter: World key, you're going to discover that the game has a lot of weapons for you to pick. Fourteen of them, to be exact, each has its special characteristics and attacks that make them play differently from the rest.

Track your Prey

Each environment is littered with monster tracks. These footprints and gashes are valuable info for skilled hunters. Players also have their Scoutflies that remember the scent of a monster and guide you to other tracks. Scoutflies give out more info the more tracks you gather.

The Slinger

While some may assume this tool isn't useful, they're obviously not an experienced hunter. The Slinger lets players use stones and nuts to create shortcuts and diversion tactics. This is one of the most versatile tools you have, so use it wisely.

Specialized Tools and their Potent Effects

Sometimes you need an extra boost to take down an especially dangerous creature. That's why you use specialized tools that activate short but strong effects. You can only equip two at a time so select them carefully.

Palicoes, the Hunter's comrades

Palicoes specialize in offense, defense, and restorative support abilities. They're there to lend you a hand when you need it the most

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