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openCanvas is a painting software dedicated to Windows Operating System, that is suitable to beginners to advanced users.
Equipped with analog-like brush strokes and functional yet user-friendly interface, openCanvas has the higher basic performance and the unique "Event" function that enables to record and replay the drawing procedure.
Various functions and excellent performance of openCanvas strongly support visualizing your creativity.
Enjoy creating an illustration with openCanvas!
Why don't you open a new "Canvas" on your desktop?


  • Brushes enabling the various expressions
    openCanvas brush option offers pencil, pen, watercolor, air brush, and more that enables to create various unique expressions.
    openCanvas7 is equipped with the refurbished, improved brush engine that enables even more various expressions.

  • Extensive Brush Preset
    There are more than 150 types of default brush preset.
    A brush can be customized freely so that you can create and save your own brush.
  • New Brush Engine
    The drawing engine has been improved and it now supports multiple threading.
    This made the drawing performance substantially improved. And it enables to support a pen tablet tilt/ rotation and to set up the further detailed parameter setting.
    Even further expressions is available.
    Below functions are available with the new brush engine:
    • Pen Tablet Tilt and Rotation (*for the supported devices only)
    • Scatter Drawing
    • Roller Drawing
    • Symmetrical Drawing
  • Layer Mode
    22 types of Layer Mode let you express an unlimited possibility, such as by adjusting brightness, altering contrast, changing color tone, and more. Layer Mode except few options has compatibility to Adobe Photoshop.(※)
    ※Please note that it is the Layer Mode compatibility, but the display result is not guaranteed.
  • Filter
    openCanvas has 40 types of filter. Filter lets you adjust colors, apply texture, and more.

  • Ruler
    Perspective ruler helps you to create a three-dimensional illustration and to draw a precise building. There are one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective rulers. Parallel, radial, concentric circle rulers are not only convenient for creating effect lines but also useful for drawing background objects.
  • Event Function
    Have you ever wondered, "How has the illustration been created?"
    The greatest feature of GraphicEditor openCanvas is the Event function that enables you to record/replay the drawing procedure. By using this function, it shows the drawing procedure, that you have never been able to watch, via openCanvas software or the PGN community website.
    You can learn drawing techniques, brush setting, filter usage, and many more from advanced users.
    GraphicEditor openCanvas is not just the drawing software but also lets you enjoy and learn illustration techniques.

  • Compatible to PSD format
    openCanvas supports saving as the PSD(Photoshop) format. You can open the openCanvas file in other software such as Adobe Photoshop, SAI, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, etc. while keeping most of layer information and layer modes. (※)
    ※Please note that there might be a slight difference in the display result in other software due to the difference of composition algorithm.

  • TabletPC Function Support
    Pen pressure (*1) and multi-touch gesture (*2) are available in TabletPC.
    It will make you feel like drawing on paper and let you control canvas intuitively.
    ※1 Only with the pen pressure supported device.
    ※2 Only with the multi-touch supported device.


  • Refurbished User Interface Design
    The theme color and icons has been refurbished, and which offers the user-friendly User Interface design.
  • Supporting High DPI Display
    High-definition display offers a wider canvas and fine texts/ icons.

  • Grabber Control
    openCanvas' unique Hand tool lets you move, rotate, scale, flip vertical easily. Hand is available by pressing the space key. You can also temporarily switch to Hand while using the brush tool.
    It is located within the canvas, and which enables users to touch it easily.
    Background is translucent so that it will not disrupt your drawing progress.

  • Shortcut Control
    Frequently used tools are consolidated.
    You can resize the control however you like, vertically and horizontally.
    Background is translucent so that it will not disrupt your drawing progress.

The new feeling action puzzel game ".fall" and the paint software "openCanvas7" are bundled! Take a break from drawing and try a game?


Bug Correction Malfunction of saving workspace setting has been fixed. Malfunction of reverting a partial preset file properly has been fixed. Specification Update File swapping feature of Color Swatches has been restored. Tool shift processing has been improved.


Function Addition Program now supports right click with Stylus pen. Failure Correction Glitch with highlighted Layer folder that did not go back to unhighlighted has been fixed. Glitch with window size at startup that became different size from the previous use has been fixed.


Failure Correction A bug with the tap operation in a certain environment has been fixed.


Specify Changed Replaying speed of an event file created with openCanvas7 has been improved. Failure Correction Drawing glitch when an image exists outside the canvas has been fixed.






  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: x86 compatible processor supporting SSE2
  • Memory: 500 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280x768 / True Color
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Supporting the pen pressure with Wacom tablet / Supporting the pen pressure with Tablet PC compatible to TabletPC API





  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: x86 compatible processor supporting SSE2
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1920x1080 / True Color
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Supporting the pen pressure with Wacom tablet / Supporting the pen pressure with Tablet PC compatible to TabletPC API


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