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In Outward, players don't assume the role of a chosen one or anyone special in particular. You are an ordinary adventurer on a quest to explore the lands. There are no special abilities or favors by the Gods that will protect you. Always remember that you're vulnerable, so be prepared before facing any danger or new foe that you encounter.

Outward aims to bring a brand new experience to players all around the globe while creating a brand new RPG sub-genre. In this game, you don't just rush into a pack of savage beasts. That's how you get yourself killed in a matter of moments. Outsmarting and outmaneuvering your enemies is the name of the game. Lay down some traps, make use of your special equipment, even perform a powerful magic ritual. Take on each threat carefully. Jumping straight into danger will be your undoing.

There are many physical threats out in the world that can end you, ranging from bandits to monsters. But, other dangers lurk there as well, mostly in the form of our basic needs like eating and drinking. Cold weather or an infectious disease can all be the thing that kills you if you aren't taking them seriously.

The game doesn't let you reload, as it is constantly auto-saving. That means once you find yourself in a bad situation, there is no going back. You can't just reload and try again. The point is to put yourself in the shoes of your character. There is no room for errors in Outward. But, in some cases, defeat doesn't always mean death. If a group of bandits takes you down, they might not just outright kill you. There is a chance they hold you for ransom or even drag you into the woods and leaving you there to die after they took everything valuable from you. Failure is a regular part of life which helps you learn and grow, and it makes every adventurer more prepared for the tasks that are yet to come.

Ritualistic spell casting is another impressive feature found in Outward. There is no button that lets you cast a devastating magic attack. No, an adventurer needs to know the steps of a magical ritual in order to perform it. But, if you do know how to perform such a task, you get to cast an incredibly potent spell that can obliterate an enemy.

Outward is a genre-bending RPG that aims to bring extreme realism to players. Enter a huge world alone or with a friend and go on an epic and very dangerous journey as an ordinary human, and see how far you can go.

  • Survive in the wilds as you explore the land
  • Play solo or cooperatively, locally or online
  • Play smart or die: you play an adventurer, not a demigod
  • Constant auto-saving means there’s no turning back
  • Dynamic defeat scenarios that reacts to your context
  • A unique experience at every playthrough

Welcome to Koch Media's brand new premium gaming label ! We are working with incredible developers all around the globe to make immersive and diverse titles that are above all engaging and fun! Wondering what's already in store and what more is coming up? Check out our publisher page and follow us to see everything Prime Matter has cooking! Twitch Facebook YouTube Twitter


Hello adventurers, we've just released a patch to fix and improve some issues. Take a look at the patch notes below! Fix ambient sounds volume being set to 0 after a loading. Fix issue where shooting an arrow with a bow would have an offset and thus missing the target. Fix Raw damage being considered an elemental damage (It should not have been). Fix issue where a skill could not be activated if Health was under 1 even if the skill does not consume Health to activate it. Manually cooking Spiny M...


Hello adventurers, the time is here - it's Outward's second anniversary! We have come a long way since the first adventure in Aurai two years ago. We vanquished many enemies and we were defeated by even more but we got back up and saved our home, repaid our debt and explored every bit of Aurai we could. The journey over the past two years could not have been possible without every single one of you. Every person who tagged us with their amazing artwork, every person who streamed their hilarious ...


Hello adventurers. A new patch has just landed with various fixes and balance improvements. Curious about the changes that await you? Take a look at the patch notes below. Changes Building Visuals are now pooled in the scene instead of being instantiated on runtime Fixes Legacy Calygrey weapons now have their intended stats. Fixed General Store Warp upgrade (now actually takes your money) - Also fixed the DLC condition (it asked for DLC2 instead of DLC1 for warp to Harmattan) Fix Pillar detectio...


Hello adventurers, the steam winter sale is here, and with it, a range of discounts. The Outward base game, along with the additional content, are now on sale! It's the perfect moment to grab it for a friend so you can both play together during the holidays or just complete your collection if you haven't grabbed the DLCs yet. And if you've already done all of that, all that's left to say is HAPPY HOLIDAYS! From the whole Outward team.





  • OS: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Graphics: TBC
  • Sound Card: TBC
  • Additional Notes: TBC



  • OS: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Graphics: TBC
  • Sound Card: TBC
  • Additional Notes: TBC
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