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One of the beautiful things about video games is that sometimes a hit can come out of nowhere to be one of the biggest hits around! And that's exactly what the original Overcooked game was! The cooking chaos that was the game, mixed with a funny over-the-top storyline, appealed to all players! And now, the game returns with a sequel that promises even more! Welcome to Overcooked 2!

As you might expect, Overcooked 2 brings all the cooking intrigue and action that you never knew you wanted from a video game back...and with new flavors! You'll travel across the world, and find all sorts of new themed restaurants to cook at, new meals to make, new customers to feed, and new enemies to fight in "The Unbread"! And that's only scratching the toasted surface of what makes Overcooked 2 so great!

For example, you can once again team up with friends and players only for 4-person co-op cooking adventures! You know what they say, more chefs in the kitchen means things get done quicker! OR DO THEY!?!?! You'll have to work as a team as you try and please everyone with your food, and have to cook recipes you may never have made before! But you're a chef, you can do this!

And now, Overcooked 2 is on Nintendo Switch! Which means that you can take the cooking goodness on the go! Also, it means you can go and cook with your nearby friends!

So don't delay, get Overcooked 2 for the Nintendo Switch today!

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