Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up

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  • Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up

Every day, millions crowd the metro in a desperate bid to get to work. Can you build and run the perfect metro station to help them make it on time?

Overcrowd is a tactical management sim set on the metro of bustling city Lubdon Town. Blending base building with pausable real-time strategy, Overcrowd offers a unique mix of spatial puzzling, strategic thinking and split-second choices.

Excavate your way through 4 layers of earth. Design your layout carefully and plot commuter routes with user-defined directional signs. Keep things on track with a wide range of equipment to unlock and procure. 

You’ll need to assemble a crack team, tool them up and deploy them to run your station in real time. You can set priorities, schedule breaks or just deploy them manually. Keep your staff room well stocked and your employees levelled and you can take you tube station to new depths.

Commuters have needs, just like you and me. The hazards of a badly run station - delays, heat, dirt, rats - will affect their state of mind and your station reputation. Beware hoodlums and pickpockets who will try to derail your operation!

Everything from bin emptying, generator refueling, power, litter collection, heat, commuter AI, shop prices, stock and staff activities are simulated down to the individual level. The huge range of interacting systems gives scope for emergent and unpredictable gameplay.


  • Procedural campaign. Build a network of stations in the procedural campaign, procuring more tech and hiring staff as you go. Return to past stations when you have more resources and try to earn a full 5-star rating!
  • Sandbox mode. Define everything from money, staff, map size and win/lose states. Make the game as easy, as hard or as creative as you want.
  • Commute of the day. Build a station on a randomly generated map, unique to that day.

Hi all Today I have launched the Better balance, Bling & Bogs update. This is a major update that brings a load of interesting looking new items to build in your station, while also overhauling the default world map, and expanding the campaign mode to make it deeper. This update also has a significant rebalance of the tech tree and updates the way scenarios work. As always there are also some quality of life changes and bug fixes in there too. Lets take a look! Note: Campaign mode has been renam...


Hi all Massive thanks for those who had time to check out the beta branch so far. The beta branch has some substantial and interesting changes to some core game modes, and a fair number of entirely new objects, so it needed testing. Beta 283 has addressed your feedback. Changes are listed in discord and reddit as before. I'm looking forward to setting the beta live into the main branch and hearing everyone's thoughts in the near future, should be pretty soon.


Hi All Beta 281 brings some major changes to the game both in new tech and game modes. If you have a moment this weekend or next week, take a look! I list the changes in the full in the discord channel and in reddit.


Hotfix 280 -fixes possible crash caused by right clicking on a turnstile specifically during the platform configuration stage of Day 1 tutorial.


Hi all In between working on the next major update, I have managed to address a few issues you brought to me, as well as a few tutorial and language updates. Today I bring you, Hotfix 279. Hotfix 279: -new embedded video in Day 2 tutorial to explain sculpting and track placement. If you ever have a moment I would value your feedback on the tutorial via discord or the steam forum, as I'm always looking for ways to improve the ol' new player experience. -added 2 missing characters to Simplified Ch...






  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or equivalent
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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