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Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.

Build and manage a Maximum Security Prison. As the sun casts it’s early morning rays on a beautiful patch of countryside the clock starts ticking. You’ve got to crack on and build a holding cell to detain the job­ lot of maximum security prisoners that are trundling to your future prison on their yellow bus. As your workmen lay the last brick you don’t have a moment to let them rest as they need to get started on the first proper cell block so you can make room for the next prisoner intake. Once they’ve all got a place to lay their weary heads the fun can really start.

You’ll need a canteen, infirmary and a guard room, oh, and don’t forget to plumb in a toilet, or things will get messy, but what about a workout area? Or solitary confinement cells? Or an execution chamber?

Inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Theme Hospital and with over 1 million players having spent time inside, Prison Architect is the world’s best lock-­em-­up.

Story Mode

Prison Architect opens with the story of Edward, a man facing the electric chair for committing a crime of passion. This is followed by four additional chapters focusing on different characters and aspects of prison life. From Mafia Dons to power-crazed senators, Prison Architect has them all! To bring these characters to life, Introversion teamed up with award winning professional writer Chris Hastings, producing an enthralling tale of corruption and human misery set against the background of the modern prison industrial complex.

Escape Mode

Finished your supermax? Got guard dogs roving every corridor and prisoners eating out of your hand? Now you can live the horror by firing up escape mode and play as a prisoner hell-bent on getting the hell out of dodge.

Dig a tunnel, go for the armoury or start a riot and slip out in the chaos, it’s entirely up to you! Figure out how to escape from your own creation, or hit the random button and load one of the 12,000 prisons created by the steam co

Wardens, We just deployed an update for Prison Architect to address several critical issues we saw reported from the community. Staff strikes are now playing out correctly. The prison will no longer go into permanent lockdown. Freefire SFX now plays correctly. New bed types (Old Bed, Mattress Bed, Comfy Bed) now work in padded cells. Clean laundry is now brought to inmates that have a new type of Bed in their Cell (Old Bed, Mattress Bed, Comfy Bed). Comfy beds are no longer behaving as low-quali...


Wardens, We just deployed a hotfix on mac that addresses an issue that was causing the game to use only 25% of the screen. Thank you for your reports!


What better barrier than the sea? Arriving next month, Prison Architect‘s next expansion is Island Bound, letting you trade out those impractical land-loving fortresses for the sheer simplicity of a big scary rock in the sea. Forget barbed wires and concrete walls, the roaring abyss will prevent even the most rebellious inmate from attempting escape – at least, not until they discover boats. (more…)


Incarceration-themed management sim Prison Architect is getting a new Alcatraz-inspired paid expansion, known as Island Bound, which comes to PC and consoles on 11th June. As its name suggests, Island Bound is all about creating prisons that, through the wonders of watery surrounds, aren't restricted to a single access road. New ferry and helicopter transport options (making use of docks and helipads) can be used to deliver supplies and inmates with greater efficiency to prison compounds - altho...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4597623/b2d07ba4a9b1816d6ebad596c5d7935ef81281d7.jpg Wardens, We just announced Island Bound, the new Prison Architect expansion that will be released on June 11, 2020. Check out the announcement trailer: This expansion will allow you to create Island Compounds with no access road. You will have to bring your logistics game to a whole new level with these prisons, as you need to use a variety of new tools to make sure they run as intended. From ferries to helicopters, you will...





  • OS:XP
  • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
  • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space




  • Processor:2009 era Macbook Pro, Core2 Duo processor
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space



  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
  • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
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