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The Eastern Front is waiting for you in this historically accurate WW2 RTS that features 1:1-scale turn-based army management and tactical real-time battles where you have over a thousand men to lead into battle and to victory. This is Steel Division 2, a title developed and published by Eugen Systems.

You are in charge of an army that's participating in Operation Bagration. The Soviet is advancing against the Nazi armies in Bielorussia, and you're the General that has to make it to the end in a dynamic strategic campaign, a Colonel in challenging real-time skirmishes, and a Weapon Expert that uses the exciting new deck building system. The game features over 600 units, 25 maps, many different game modes, and solo, multiplayer, and co-op play.

Experience the blood-soaked history that forever changed the world as you lead your armies through 150x100 km maps as you instruct your battalion and tell them how and when to move, manage your supplies in order to last in nerve-straining battles, and plan out how to execute week-long campaigns in the most realistic and historically accurate WW2 game yet. Choose a side and either be the attacking force and relive history or change the course of events and see how it ends.

Historically accurate units like the T-34 tanks, the IL-2 ground-attack aircraft, and the Katyusha multiple rocket launcher are only some of the 600 units that are available in the game. Add that to the fact that Steel Division 2 has 25 battlefields where your tactical prowess will be tested. Pick your units,  form a battalion, and achieve victory!

Hello commander, This is it! We are at the end of the latest Nemesis DLC run. Today, let’s take a look at our third and final option: Nemesis: Ligurian Standoff. It is a return to the Italian front in August 1944, but this time, we are zooming in on the western, “quiet” sector of the Gothic Line, close to Pisa. We are on the Ligurian coastline during Operation Olive, and it is here where we will encounter our two new battlegroups: 20. Luftwaffe-Felddivision and Task Force 45. Both divisions are ...


Hello! Another week, another Nemesis DLC option! We will be presenting two real archrivals with the newest choice, Nemesis: Battle of Păuliș. Returning to the Eastern Front, let’s welcome to the stage two former Axis allies: Hungary versus the recently turned Romania. These frenemies have some serious scores to settle! Before we go on, a little reminder: Our second Nemesis DLC, Nemesis: Lvov Offensive, launches today for €4.99 / $4.99! This Nemesis DLC contains the German 20. Panzergrenadier-Div...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/c37401779c88a4ca5dc97bb8a6af33d1df7c7709.png Good news, everyone! We are back with a brand-new Nemesis DLC run! To kick things off, we will be presenting you the very first option: Nemesis: Storming Toulon. This choice takes you back to the sunny lands of Southern France, much like Nemesis: Battle of Montélimar, but with two completely new battlegroups (and associated new toys and units). Today’s spotlight is on the Axis battlegroup Verteidigungsbereich Toulon (Defens...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/22746360f3d15e96f8667293b274b44ea2a9e3e6.png Hello! Good news everyone: we are getting very close to releasing Nemesis: Lvov Offensive! As such, we wanted to give you more behind-the-scenes details. You might be wondering when you can expect the second Nemesis DLC to launch for Steel Division 2. We can confirm that Nemesis: Lvov Offensive will be made available on November 19th. You’ll be able to get it for €4.99 / $4.99. Sweet!


Hey there! With plenty of nice things cooking in Eugen’s kitchen, we decided that today’s post would be a good time to highlight some gameplay changes coming to Steel Division 2. Informed by you, the community, we wanted to put a handle on the latest Steel Division 2 meta and address some of your recent concerns and suggestions. Mind you, the following points have been talked about previously in the Community Q&A with Creative Director Alexis Le Dressay and Lead Game Designer Matthieu Brevet and...





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