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The Eastern Front is waiting for you in this historically accurate WW2 RTS that features 1:1-scale turn-based army management and tactical real-time battles where you have over a thousand men to lead into battle and to victory. This is Steel Division 2, a title developed and published by Eugen Systems.

You are in charge of an army that's participating in Operation Bagration. The Soviet is advancing against the Nazi armies in Bielorussia, and you're the General that has to make it to the end in a dynamic strategic campaign, a Colonel in challenging real-time skirmishes, and a Weapon Expert that uses the exciting new deck building system. The game features over 600 units, 25 maps, many different game modes, and solo, multiplayer, and co-op play.

Experience the blood-soaked history that forever changed the world as you lead your armies through 150x100 km maps as you instruct your battalion and tell them how and when to move, manage your supplies in order to last in nerve-straining battles, and plan out how to execute week-long campaigns in the most realistic and historically accurate WW2 game yet. Choose a side and either be the attacking force and relive history or change the course of events and see how it ends.

Historically accurate units like the T-34 tanks, the IL-2 ground-attack aircraft, and the Katyusha multiple rocket launcher are only some of the 600 units that are available in the game. Add that to the fact that Steel Division 2 has 25 battlefields where your tactical prowess will be tested. Pick your units,  form a battalion, and achieve victory!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/efc23c0b6dd64ad5f3e34c1529188a29d747c327.png Hello commander! We hope you are doing well. As you should know, our latest History DLC is Steel Division 2: Black Sunday. Here at Eugen, we are still busy dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s for this new expansion. We don’t have a release date for you - yet. We promise that “Black Sunday” is coming soon, though! In the meantime, we’d like to take the opportunity to look at a variety of new features coming with “Black Sund...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/e6ef5d8588b51a957a4687bdf93b80778d9cc326.png Hello there! We hope you are doing well. Elite light infantry is the name of the game in today’s Steel Division 2: Black Sunday Versus post as we will be highlighting two hardened divisions, tempered by years of brutal Eastern Front warfare. Keep on reading to find out more about how the Romanian mountaineers of Div. 4 Munte hold up against the Red Army’s airborne troops of the 3-ya VDV. As both new Black Sunday divisions f...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/ca2d8bec12a793cb10ea2b79134e1da538fce626.png Hello commander! In today’s Steel Division 2: Black Sunday Versus post, we’ll be shining a spotlight on two new “mixed” divisions launching with our upcoming third History DLC: the Romanian Division 5 Cavalerie Motorizata goes up against the Red Army’s Morskaya Gruppa Bakhtina. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/178e522c0e49c5ea09c92af454f81d8206f980bc.png Let’s see what makes these two “hybrid” battlegroups unique. If you haven’t...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33563925/f53ab4a21fcbf59f8d533b785430b359f4ebbf1d.png Good day to you! Welcome back to another Steel Division 2 Versus blog post. Today’s focus will be Steel Division 2: Black Sunday, the new History DLC set to release in the not-too-distant future! If you missed our announcement last week, don’t hesitate to read all the juicy bits of our reveal here. The “Black Sunday” History DLC transports the action to the southern flank of the Eastern Front, where at the tail-end of Augus...


Hello Commanders! Hot on the heels of the popular Tribute to D-Day Pack and the new online Army General Versus mode we have prepared another big day for you. After last week’s tease, we can finally unveil all the juicy details of our next History DLC. We couldn’t fool you for much longer. Some of you already shrewdly guessed that Steel Division 2’s new battlefields would be on the southern flank of the Eastern Front. That’s right: the new Steel Division 2 History DLC is named Black Sunday and wi...





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