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The Eastern Front is waiting for you in this historically accurate WW2 RTS that features 1:1-scale turn-based army management and tactical real-time battles where you have over a thousand men to lead into battle and to victory. This is Steel Division 2, a title developed and published by Eugen Systems.

You are in charge of an army that's participating in Operation Bagration. The Soviet is advancing against the Nazi armies in Bielorussia, and you're the General that has to make it to the end in a dynamic strategic campaign, a Colonel in challenging real-time skirmishes, and a Weapon Expert that uses the exciting new deck building system. The game features over 600 units, 25 maps, many different game modes, and solo, multiplayer, and co-op play.

Experience the blood-soaked history that forever changed the world as you lead your armies through 150x100 km maps as you instruct your battalion and tell them how and when to move, manage your supplies in order to last in nerve-straining battles, and plan out how to execute week-long campaigns in the most realistic and historically accurate WW2 game yet. Choose a side and either be the attacking force and relive history or change the course of events and see how it ends.

Historically accurate units like the T-34 tanks, the IL-2 ground-attack aircraft, and the Katyusha multiple rocket launcher are only some of the 600 units that are available in the game. Add that to the fact that Steel Division 2 has 25 battlefields where your tactical prowess will be tested. Pick your units,  form a battalion, and achieve victory!


  • Additional Notes: TBC


  • Additional Notes: TBC
Recent updates

Hello commander! So exciting! The release of our very-first Steel Division 2 History DLC, Death on the Vistula, is just around the corner. This coming Thursday, October 17th, you can get your hands on four new divisions, a gigantic new Army General campaign, four new Historical Battles, two new Aces...


Hello commander! Alongside the launch of the Death on the Vistula DLC on the 17th of October, we’ll also be releasing free Reinforcement Pack for all our Steel Division 2 players. These packs will individually contain a bunch of shiny new things, foremost the new Smart Orders mechanic, as well as in...


Well, hello there! Glad to have you back so soon. You might have noticed, but we are dropping these articles hard and fast, and we are not letting up until our first History DLC, Death on the Vistula, launches on October 17th. Hoorah!

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June 20, 2019
Indie , Strategy
Eugen Systems
Eugen Systems
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