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There's a reason that Mario is the most popular video game character of all time. He's been in numerous adventures that have inspired gamers and developers alike. But now, with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, comes possibly Mario's greatest adventure ever! With new worlds, new lands, new enemies, and a new best friend that'll change how you play! This isn't a World, or even a Galaxy to explore, this is an Odyssey! A Super Mario Odyssey!

Bowser is at it again! He's kidnapped Princess Peach, but this time, he's going to make sure that he gets things done the right marrying her! And he's taken a sentient crown to help seal the deal. Now, Mario must team up with the hat spirit Cappy and try to catch up to Bowser before him and Peach tie the not!

Cappy isn't just there for support though, by throwing him onto enemies, you'll actually be able to become them! That's right, you can become your enemies, and then use their abilities to help you solve puzzles, collect Moons to power up your ship, and more!

Super Mario Odyssey takes you to every single part of Mario's world, and beyond! You'll face all sorts of challenges as you try and catch up to Bowser, and you'll need to look all over the magical worlds that you go to in order to get more Moons!

So what are you waiting for? Princess Peach needs your help! And Bowser must be stopped, and only you have the power to do so in Super Mario Odyssey!

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