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Buy your Terraria Steam key today and prepare to Dig Ores, Struggle, Explore Unique Biomes, and Build!

As you fight for your life, obtain money, and chase glory, the entire world is at your fingers. Will you explore vast and dangerous caverns in pursuit of gold and raw materials to use to create ever-evolving gear, technology, and cool aesthetics? Perhaps you'll seek out ever-greater enemies and bosses to put your battle skills to the test? Maybe you'll decide to build your city to shelter the slew of mysterious companions you'll meet along the way?

Terraria is an example of perfect sandbox gameplay fused with tons of gameplay freedom, insane amounts of items, and content for players to experience alone or together with their friends!

Terraria is one of the most unique gaming experiences that combines elements of classic action games with the complete freedom of sandbox-style creativity. Both the route and the goal of Terraria are totally under the player's hands, so dive straight in. The Terraria adventure is absolutely one-of-a-kind, just like its playersbase!

Are you ready to take on the massive challenge of discovering, constructing, and defending your own world?

Terraria Key Features:

  • Insanely expansive and gripping sandbox experience
  • Procedural world generation
  • A ton of free updates that introduce new content to the game
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