Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack

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Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! are a couple of rip-roaring point-and-click adventure games . With tongue firmly in cheek, sit back, relax, and put your mind to work solving puzzles, and reading some very funny dialogue. It's like a book, only good!

From an horrific and untimely death in deep, dark Peru, via preposterous-and-suspect alien invasions, to whipping back-and-forth in time to stop Hitler and his army of robot Nazi dinosaur clones, this is one set of adventures you're unlikely to forget.

Key features:

  • Funny words that'll actually probably make you laugh out loud!
  • Graphics AND sound effects!
  • Thousands of unique responses for almost every action you can think of!

I am delighted to announce that Size Five's newest game 'Lair of the Clockwork God' is OUT NOW. This is a standalone follow-up to Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! A fast-paced Point-and-Click adventure AND an indie platfomer in one! Join adventurer Ben and wannabe indie darling Dan in a race against time to stop all the Apocalypses. LAIR OF THE CLOCKWORK GOD sees you switching between both characters and using their unique abilities together in a race-against-time effort to stop ...


ARE YOU EXCITED? You should be. Lair of the Clockwork God is nearly upon you. If I could ask you to please please ADD THE GAME TO YOUR WISHLIST, right now. It really helps Steam recognise it as a "proper" game, and helps visibility at launch. If you want to see more Dan and Ben Adventures, wishlisting it right now is a big way to help that happen. It's been a loooong road getting here, and I'm very excited to hear what you all...


FANS OF ADVENTURE in case you're not aware, Dan and Ben are about to return in 'Lair of the Clockwork God', a brand new standalone adventure, and we just announced the release date with a trailer: Please like it, share it, tweet about it, WISHLIST IT the works, it would really help us out. And I look forward to seeing you all over at the Clockwork God page on the 21st of February!


Some of the best-rated indie developers from Great Britain have come together to create the Best of British Indie Bundle during this week's Midweek Madness*! This Bundle includes: * Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There Dan That! Double Pack; * DEFCON; * Eufloria; * Gratuitious Space Battles; * Revenge of the Titans; * Frozen Synapse; *Offer ends Thursday at 4PM Pacific Time


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  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: Pretty much anything post-millennial, anything that runs DirectX 9.0c for particle effects.
  • Memory: Anything over 256MB should do, anything that runs DirectX 9.0c for particle effects.
  • Graphics:Any DirectDraw compatible. PixelShader 1.4/ DirectX 9.0c capable card required for particle effects.
  • DirectX®: 9.0c required for particle effects
  • Hard Drive: 150 MB
  • Sound: Any Windows-compatible soundcard
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