Crawl US
Xbox One
Aug. 6, 2014
Crawl is the dungeon crawler where you control the monsters! As a malicious spirit, you haunt a hero as he explores the dungeons, possessing cruel tr…
Good Company
March 31, 2020
Good Company is a tycoon management simulation about building, automating and optimizing a robot manufacturing empire, where you are the CEO. Play…
The Trader
July 30, 2021
The game is set in the "Wasteland", and is the bi-product of a long lasting war. Your main goal is to keep your shop running by trading wit…
Rogue Spirit
Sept. 1, 2021
Reality and the spirit world are now intertwined: defeat the armies of Chaos to save the people of the Kingdom of Midra from demonic invaders. Rog…
Deep Sky Derelicts
Sept. 26, 2018
In a grim dystopian future, where mankind has scattered across the galaxy and the human society has split into two distinct classes, you are a po…
Oriental Empires
Sept. 20, 2016
The world of the ancient Orient awaits you! Take control of either a city or tribe straight from the steeped history of China, and transform it into…
Frontier Pilot Simulator
Jan. 30, 2018
FPS is a Sci-Fi cargo pilot sim, with an engaging emergent mission-driven storyline, with a real-time economy with free flight and trading, on an ali…
Jan. 9, 2019
Neoverse is a card building game that combines, strategy, thrilling action, and roguelike elements into one exhilarating experience. The game was dev…
April 12, 2022
You play as a charming Mech unit that has awakened to discover a world overrun by corrupted AI. In order to survive, you must master your weapons…
Savage Lands
March 5, 2015
Savage Lands is a challenging fantasy survival game that encourages cooperative play. Conquer an ominous and vast open world where every decision cou…
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