A Deeper Look Into the Saints Row Reboot

Our first look at Saints Row Reboot left everyone with a bitter taste in their mouth, but now we get some gameplay.

Saints Row Reboot gameplay
Image credit: Volition

A “relatable” Saints Row gang

I’m not sure what’s the aim of this new Saints Row game. I mean, I know what the aim is, they’ve made that pretty clear in the gameplay/deep dive video. In other words, we’re supposed to think of these characters as quirky and playful little criminals. You know, in a franchise where everyone’s completely batshit crazy, psychotic, violent, and so on.

The new Saints Row gang are “Characters you want to invite into your living room”, which I find strange. Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny Gat and the gang. They’re the lovable kind of psychopath that is awesome to play as. But who in their right mind would invite someone like that to their home? I get that this is a new iteration, but 99% of the comments in the gameplay video hate the new direction Volition’s taken with the Saints Row Reboot.

Even the Saints Row Reboot gameplay looks painfully mediocre

On the other hand, even if we hate the new characters, there’s still the gameplay. It’s still over-the-top, whacky fun where you get to do all kinds of impossible things. Then again, since the characters and their stories are so bland and generic, wouldn’t you turn to the Just Cause games for gameplay stuffed with mayhem and chaos?

The tiny bits of gameplay seen in the new trailer don’t look very promising. The graphics are mediocre, the shootings fine I guess, and that’s mostly what we see. What does the Saints Row Reboot have that makes it stand out from other similar games now that they’ve lost their iconic characters and replaced them with a “relatable” gang?

I thought I was too quick to hate this reboot when it was just announced. But it seems both me and the fans weren’t that off the mark. Maybe Volition ends up delivering an insane open-world chaos-making simulator and we all have to apologize for hating this game to death. However, I don’t see how this game has anything fresh to offer.

Share your thoughts and comments about the Saints Row Reboot down below!

Saints Row Reboot gameplay
Image credit: Volition

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  1. George Bailey says

    I share similar concerns about the new direction especially when it comes to the characters. However it is great that you highlighted the over the top gameplay which has always been a strong suit for Saints Row.
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