SIFU Finally Gets a Release Date

SIFU just released another short trailer full of kung fu brutality that even showcases some swordplay and reveals the release date.

SIFU release date
Image credit: Sloclap

Intense single-player fighting games are not something we often see today. If a game has a complex and incredibly skill-intensive melee combat system, it’s most probably a PvP game. This is exactly what Sloclap’s previous title is. Absolver is one of the most fun 1v1 games out there, but it never got the attention it deserved.

However, Sloclap brings that same satisfying and impactful combat system in SIFU, their latest project, that got a brand new trailer you can check out below:

This time around, we have a narrative, a main character, and hopefully a cool kung fu story. After all, our character gets older and more powerful each time he’s defeated. There’s got to be a cool backstory behind that and overall a cool story regarding our protagonist and his mission.

Whatever the case be, the launch date announcement trailer also showed some cool swordplay. You won’t just bash skulls and break legs, you can also slice people up with swift sword moves that look really cool and elegant.

Oh right, SIFU finally has a release date. The game’s launching on the Epic Games Store on February 22nd, 2022.

SIFU release date
Image credit: Sloclap

Check out their previous game, Absolver, on HRK Game today!

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