The Saints Row Reboot Looks Horrible

It seems that the Saints Row Reboot is made by people that don’t really know what the Saints Row franchise originally started as.

Saints Row Reboot
Image credit: Deep Silver

Remember when Saints Row used to be like GTA but way edgier and darker? Well, take a look at the Saints Reboot announcement trailer down below:

Swear to God if I didn’t have any context I’d think it was a Fortnite video or something like that. Wacky characters and wacky action did become prevalent in the later Saints Row games, but fans were divided when it came to the direction the franchise took.

Some loved kicking aliens around as superheroes. Others wished the franchise remained grounded and gritty. Well, the reboot wants a mix of both. The characters and graphics are cartoony and bland (like something out of a Fortnite skit), but it seems there aren’t any aliens or superpowers or any other over-the-top element like we had in the last Saints Row game.

The fans aren’t happy. It’s only natural, a lot of us thought we’d get a reset. A new crew in a new location with a new and grounded story.  But, I guess that’s asking for too much. Seems like the name of the game today is quirky characters, lots of cheesy comedy, a cartoony art style, and a lighthearted story.

The Saints Row Reboot will also be an Epic Games Store timed exclusive. Basically, don’t expect to play it on Steam as soon as it launches.

Saints Row Reboot
Image credit: Deep Silver

However, if you want to experience the old Saints Row games, you can find them on HRK Game, heavily discounted.

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