The Outlast Trials Gets Gameplay Reveal Trailer

It seems The Outlast Trials won’t be any less terrifying than their single-player counterparts as is shown in the gameplay reveal trailer.

Outlast Trials gameplay trailer
Image credit: Red Barrels

The Outlast games are quite an otherworldly experience. When you want to get scared to your core, that is. The first one is a lot slower and creepier than the second, which is a lot more up-in-your-face with a constant barrage of chasing and scares and whatnot.

But they’re single-player games. The player is alone, isolated, and hunted by twisted things. Yet, can that remain scary even if you’re not alone? Take a look at The Outlast Trials gameplay reveal trailer down there and see for yourself:

Oh yeah, this is still enough to make you shit your pants, without a doubt. I think the addition of another player only adds to the stress as you can see the other player as they’re chased by a psychotic murderer. That means you also see if they get killed. And bam, now you’re alone with the killer.

The Outlast Trials take place in a secret Murkoff facility during the Cold War. Of course, the place is full of insane and extremely violent people, which you have to avoid if you wish to survive. The atmosphere and sound design remain excellent, and I think this one’s coming with a lot of lore and backstory. Something the Outlast fans adore considering how interesting this universe is.

Are you excited to experience some Outlast with a friend? Or do you like your single-player horror games experienced alone?

Outlast Trials gameplay trailer
Image credit: Red Barrels

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