New World Is Getting A Open Beta

New World might just be the game that helps with the resurrection of the MMORPG genre and you can try it yourself in the upcoming open beta.

New World open beta
Image credit: Amazon Games

The previous New World betas had their fair share of issues. Connection and server problems, crashing, that sort of stuff. Nevertheless, most people that played the game during these times found it incredibly addicting and fun to play. It doesn’t shy away from the generic MMORPG formulas with its quest design and grinding, but it’s still polished enough with tons of solid content to keep players engaged for a good while. It’s sad to say but in these time’s we’re happy with any MMORPG that doesn’t outright suck.

Well, whatever your opinion on New World is, there’s an open beta on the way. We can all try the game then and see if this is Amazon’s newest failure or an actual decent video game. Check out its latest trailer that announced the open beta down below:

You can request access to the New World open beta via Steam’s new Playtest feature. I don’t think they’re going to let everyone try the game out but since it’s an open beta that lets players record and share their gameplay footage, I’m sure a lot of people will get access to the game.

The New World open beta starts on September 9th at 7 AM PT or 2 PM UTC. It ends on September 12th at 11.59 PM PT or 6:59 AM UTC. You can request access to the open beta on September 8th at 7:00 AM PT  or 2:00 PM UTC.

New World open beta
Image credit: Amazon Games

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