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  • Black Ops 4 Call of Duty
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    Call Of Duty Franchise Could be Getting Major Shifts In Focus

    When it comes to long-standing video game franchises, especially one that have a history of being good and selling well, it’s always a challenge to “one-up” themselves, and this is most definitely the case with the Call of Duty franchise. The games started off very popular, then waned after repetitiveness, then got reborn with Modern […] More

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    Fortnite Weapon Swapping Changed Once Again

    Even though Fortnite is dominating the video game industry right now as the most played battle royal shooter, it still has its issues. For example, one of the newest weapons that was added to the game, the Guided Missile which allowed you to fire a rocked and control it, was removed from the game as […] More

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    Overwatch League: KyKy and Rascal Released From Dallas Fuel

    Esports is quite a big thing in gaming now, as the tournaments and the people that watch them increased greatly over the years. The prizes are also quite huge, so teams put their everything into training and becoming better at the game that they are playing in order to win and earn their paycheck. That […] More

  • Fortnite
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    Fortnite Could Go Over 100 Players One Day

    Fortnite continues to excel in the video game market. It’s monthly profit shares are already massive, and yet they’re growing every month. Which can also be said about their player base. They’re beating their rival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in many categories, including concurrent player base. And arguably most important, Epic Games has been keeping things fresh […] More

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    Star Wars Battlefront II Getting Ewoks

    There was a lot of controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, but lately, the game hasn’t been in the spotlight much. Maybe that’s for the better, maybe not, but we do know that we will be able to play as Ewoks in the game’s upcoming update. Getting new content for free is always welcome, and […] More

  • Overwatch
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    Overwatch Map To Hit PTR “Within A Week Or Two”

    Overwatch has been bringing its A-game as of late. First, they brought in their newest hero in Brigette, then, they announced the new version of the Uprising event. And now, they’re currently running the Retribution event, which is giving more story and details about what happened to the group that is now known as Blackwatch. […] More

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    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds To Re-Open Testing On “Savage” Map

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hasn’t been the quickest game to evolve in terms of content, but when it does, it’s usually a big event. Recently, they opened up beta testing for a brand new map codenamed “Savage.” Their first test was limited, and was designed to help weed out some problems and design flaws. Now, they’re going […] More

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