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  • Injustice 2
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    Injustice 2 Was In Arrow This Week

    So, the DC Comics universe is a very far-reaching thing. On one hand, there are comics about the numerous characters. There are also cartoons, live-action TV shows, movies (with Justice League now out in theaters), and of course, video games. It’s not uncommon for these various medias to crossover in subtle ways, or have elements […] More

  • Star Wars
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    Star Wars Battlefront II is Now Available

    EA has announced the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year in the form of Star Wars Battlefront II. At E3 this year, the game picked up a number of awards, including Game Critics Award for Best Online Multiplayer. This new entry promises to be one of the most in-depth and […] More

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
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    Shadow Of War Tops October Game Sales

    Sales are very important to be game developers and the players themselves. For if a company does well, a hit game may get a sequel, which players more-than-likely want. But, if they do bad, things won’t work out. October was by far one of the busiest months in gaming this year, as numerous top titles […] More

  • PlayStation Experience

    PlayStation Experience Gets Exhibitor List

    There are many big events that happen throughout the year for gaming. Some are unified events where every major developer tries to show up. Other times it’s smaller venues that are focused upon in a different way. And then, there are events that are publisher specific. Like Nintendo Directs, and the upcoming PlayStation Experience. Sony […] More

  • Skyrim
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    Skyrim Has Officially Launched on Nintendo Switch

    When the Nintendo Switch had its “reveal commercial” last year, it showed off many things. But what caught the eye of most was that Skyrim appeared on the console. This was both intriguing and special as no Bethesda game has ever made it onto a Nintendo console, ever. There was some back-and-forth whether this was […] More

  • Overwatch
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    Overwatch is Free to Play This Weekend

    Blizzard revealed last week that the popular shooter Overwatch would be free to play this weekend, and will kick of proceedings today. This free to play period will last through to November 20th, with the game’s full roster of heroes to choose from, as well as 16 maps that are available to play on, as […] More

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
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    Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Getting 5 Free Updates This Year

    Middle-Earth has always been a great setting for video games, and many Lord of the Rings titles have come via various developers. But you could argue that the two that fans love the most is Shadow of Mordor and the recent Shadow of War. Aside from being an interesting side-story of the lore of the […] More

  • Star Wars Battlefront II
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    EA Promises To “Fix” Star Wars Battlefront II

    Star Wars Battlefront II is now less than 24 hours away from release, but the “hype” around the game seems to be getting more and more negative. Yesterday, we reported about how it would take over half a year, or $2100, to unlock everything in the game, which made players very angry. Well, EA decided […] More

  • Doom VFR
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    Doom VFR Coming December 1st for PS VR

    Bethesda has not only been making great games for a while, but they’ve also been reviving classic game series. But they still didn’t stop there. Instead, they continued to expand by bringing these new and classic series into the realm of VR. First will be Skyrim VR, which releases tomorrow. In December, players will get […] More

  • Cuphead
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    Cuphead Creators Talk Inspiration For Characters

    The game design process is one that is truly trial-and-error. You think one thing works, but then you find something better or think you can do better. Most people think this applies to just the gameplay aspects of their titles, but in fact, it applies to everything, and that includes the main characters of the […] More

  • Skyrim
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    Bethesda Talks Bringing Skyrim To VR

    November 17th is going to be a big day for Skyrim fans. For not only is the game going to be launched on the Nintendo Switch (the first time a Bethesda game has ever released on a Nintendo platform), but also, PlayStation VR users are going to be able to play the game in the […] More

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