Dead Space Remake Showcases Advanced Body Mutilations

The new Dead Space Remake stream finally gave us some “gameplay” in the form of showcasing advanced body mutilations of harmless Necromorphs.

Dead Space Remake gameplay
Image credit: EA

The Dead Space Remake is one of the few times I’m actually happy we’re getting an older title with a fresh coat of paint. I never liked horror games, mostly because I’m terrified of them, but I did try to play Dead Space as a kid. Yeah, let’s just say I didn’t play for long.

But I’m playing the remake no matter how scared I get. While the Dead Space Remake stream didn’t show your standard gameplay, we saw Isaac in action with his weapons that specialize in cutting. That’s the whole focus of the stream, the mutilation of the flesh.

You see, the Dead Space Remake focuses on improving two things: the body destruction system and the story. Players can blow off the flesh of a Necromorph in a brutal way. That’s an outstanding feature for a horror title where cutting off the limbs of your enemies is what’s required for you to survive.

The body mutilation system is great in other ways. For example, you see the effectiveness of each weapon. You see if your weapon does its job with your own eyes. If the flesh and bones aren’t flying off soon, you switch to a different tool.

Check out the stream on Twitch to see this system in action for yourself. Unfortunately, the game’s still in early development. Don’t expect to see much of it in the near future.

Are you excited about the Dead Space Remake? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Dead Space Remake gameplay
Image credit: EA

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  1. George Bailey says

    As someone who has been a fan of the Dead Space series since its early days the emphasis on enhancing both the body mutilation system and the storytelling in the Remake is truly promising.
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