Nexus Mods Bans The NoSkyrim Mod

Even though it’s the best way to battle your typical Skyrim addiction Nexus Mods still decided to ban and remove the NoSkyrim mod.

Nexus Mods NoSkyrim
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Let’s be completely honest here. I’m not a fan of Skyrim as is. It’s a bland and poorly made open-world RPG that falls apart quite a lot. But, then you have the modding scene. Through mods, I came to love this game. Well, mostly love the modding community behind it. By the way, if you’re looking for a mod that turns Skyrim into a grueling old-school RPG, check out Requiem – The Roleplaying Overhaul. I never play the game without it.

Where was I? Oh yes, modding Skyrim lets you turn it into anything. A mystery game, a survival game, a puzzle game, whatever you want. So it gets kind of hard when you have to stop playing it once you’ve modded it into the perfect game for you. I’ve had to uninstall and delete everything related to it because I couldn’t stop playing.

But this is where the Skyrim modding community shines again with the NoSkyrim mod. It does exactly what you think it does, it doesn’t let you play the game. It’s probably the funniest mod on Nexus Mods. This is why I’m incredibly sad Nexus Mods decided to remove NoSkyrim. Seems like they don’t want people off Skyrim. They want all of us to stay hooked on Todd Howard’s magnum opus forever.

Luckily, you can still download the mod from LoversLab. Just be careful when you open this website, as it’s primarily an 18+ NSW modding website.

Nexus Mods NoSkyrim
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

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  1. George Bailey says

    I can not believe Nexus Mods banned the NoSkyrim mod! It was a quirky and amusing addition to my modded Skyrim adventures. Thanks for sharing the info about lovers lab I shall be sure to grab it from there.
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