Fallout: London Writer Gets Job at Bethesda

Since the Fallout modding scene is full of talented people, it shouldn’t surprise you that the Fallout: London writer got hired by Bethesda.

Fallout: London writer
Image credit: Fallout: London

The Fallout modding scene is insane. Well, most Bethesda games have such devote and genius fans that they turn pretty mediocre titles into stellar games. All with the help of simple modding tools and their own knack for game design.

But, a lot of the time that talent goes unnoticed. After all, most of the best mods for Bethesda games were made by someone that wanted a better combat system, more complex perks, and customization, increased weapon variety, and in some cases, people decided to make mods that are basically an entire expansion or even standalone game.

That’s how we got Fallout: London:

From stuffy parliamentary aristocrats to a resurrection of the Knights of the Round Table to an uncompromising cult of revolutionaries (and more!), Fallout: London embodies the history and aesthetics of London and puts an unmistakably nuclear spin on the beloved city.

A Fallout game in England. What more do you need in life? However, this time Bethesda caught wind of this little project. Probably because the official reveal sits close to 3 million views on YouTube. Bethesda loved the project so much they decided to hire the Head Writer. Yup, Fallout: London let Stephanie Zachariadis, the mod’s brilliant writer, land a job at Bethesda as an Associate Quest Designer.

Don’t worry she finished the story and quests for Fallout: London. This departure won’t mess the mod’s progress in any way.

Fallout: London writer
Image credit: Fallout: London

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