Marvel’s Midnight Suns Is a Card Game

We finally saw some Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay and it’s essentially a card game mixed with tactical turn-based combat

Marvel's Midnight Suns card game
Image credit: Firaxis Games

It’s here people. You wondered how Firaxis merged superheroes with turn-based tactical combat? Well, by making the combat revolve around cards. The best comparison would Slay the Spire. The way you get cards and upgrade them looks a lot like that iconic dungeon-crawling card game.

When I first saw Marvel’s Midnight Suns, I didn’t expect it to be a tactical card game. Yet, everything looks interesting as hell. The blend of RNG and turn-based elements in the game’s combat looks insane. Some hate the RNG that comes with this type of combat system. But I love it as it forces players to make use of the options that are available at the moment.

Your relationships with the heroes also unlock immensely potent cards. The game even features finisher moves and combo moves that your crew pulls off together to really crush one poor enemy. You can check out all of that in action down below:

And then you have tons of stuff to do between the fights. Walk with Iron Man, meditate with Magik. Can we drink ourselves to death with Wolverine? That’s what I want to know. The base of operations known as The Abby offers a ton of exploration, story, and daily activities. Blade lets you upgrade your cards, Captain Marvel helps you find new missions. Standard stuff for a tactical game made by Firaxis.

Marvel's Midnight Suns card game
Image credit: Firaxis Games

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