PUBG Creator Leaves to Make His Own Studio

The PUBG creator known as Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene left Krafton to form his own studio called PlayerUnknown Productions.

PUBG creator
Image credit: Brendan Greene

The man, the myth, the legend. Brendan worked on DayZ while it was still a mod. Did you know that? He was even involved with H1Z1 battle royale mode. It’s safe to say he’s quite knowledgeable when it comes to battle royales. Nonetheless, it seems he’s ready for new adventures.

The PUBG creator left Krafton to create his very own studio. Now, before you all get anxious and jumpy, he isn’t working on a new battle royale game. We have more than enough of those today. From what I heard, Brendan’s looking for ways to “enable massive scale within open-world games” which could mean a lot of things.

It’s always good to see talented people flexing their creative juices. The battle royale genre is already overstuffed. I’m very excited to see what Brendan does with his new Amsterdam-based studio. It seems Krafton owns a minor stake in the company. Seems like you can’t get rid of your corporate overlords that easily.

What do you think about this whole thing? What does Brendan intend to do with open-world games? Are you excited to find out? Let me know in the comments section down below!

PUBG creator
Image credit: KRAFTON, Inc

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