Far Cry 6 Showcases Its Villain in the Latest Story Trailer

It seems that Far Cry 6 may give us the series’ most compelling villain yet in Anton Castillo, the focus of the latest story trailer.

Far Cry 6 villain
Image credit: Ubisoft

The best Far Cry villains are the ones that are convincingly mad, corrupt, and psychopathic. It’s easy to make a character evil and sadistic. It’s another thing to give them a believable cause, ideology, and motivation. We always go back to Vaas, because his insanity was real. At least that’s what I and many others believed through our interactions with him in Far Cry 3.

But the Far Cry franchise has another immensely compelling villain in the making. Antón Castillo, voiced by the legendary Giancarlo Esposito, is the Yaran Dictator you need to take down. Yet, he’s not your typical tyrant. He was imprisoned at the age of 13, and endured 15 years of hard labor. His days of pruning tobacco affected Castillo greatly, as it seems he still keeps the blade he used for all those grueling years.

In the story trailer, Antón’s doing an interview with his son. However, even when the woman asks him if his miracle cancer-curing drug is made with slave labor, he just avoids the questions and says:

Viviro saves millions of lives. Do you think that those lives care where it comes from?

Antón knows he’s doing horrible things, but in the grander scheme of things, it does not matter as his Viviro product helps millions. The grandest of things come with a price, and Antón doesn’t care what that price is as long as he’s able to turn his country into a paradise.

Far Cry 6 villain
Image credit: Ubisoft

Check out the rest of the Far Cry franchise and their villains on HRK Game while we wait Far Cry 6’s launch on October 7th, 2021.

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