New Marvel’s Avengers Patch Fixes Black Panther Bug and Removes Denuvo

The latest patch for Marvel’s Avengers fixes a lot of things, like the insane Black Panther damage bug while also removing Denuvo.

Black Panther bug
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

Remember that one time we talked about Resident Evil 8’s performance issues and how pirating the game fixed them? Then the devs removed the anti-piracy software themselves. Well, Crystal Dynamics decided to follow in their footsteps. Denuvo has been removed from Marvel’s Avengers.

On the other hand, the War for Wakanda content drop for Marvel’s Avengers came with a ton of bugs. Some of them were funny as heck. But some allowed players to one-shot bosses by using Black Panther together with Nehanda gear. Crystal Dynamics fixed that, together with a ton of other bugs and glitches.

Head on over to Steam and check out the full patch notes to see what got fixed in patch V2.0.2. There’s a ton of combat, gear, UI, animations, and campaigns improvements that will help you enjoy the new content without something breaking in the middle of it.

Were you one of the players that took advantage of the Black Panther bug? If not, are you happy the devs finally fixed this exploit? We should all be happy that Crystal Dynamics didn’t just abandon their game like some devs (khm, Anthem, khm) and they kept working to fix it up and add more content.

Black Panther bug
Image credit: Crystal Dynamics

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