Epic Games Buys A Huge Shopping Mall

Epic Games decided to move their headquarters and for that purpose they bought an entire shopping mall that’s going to be converted.

Fortnite, the game that made Epic Games the megacompany it is
Image credit: Epic Games

The net worth of Epic Games is around 18 billion dollars. They’re quite a wealthy company, which isn’t strange considering Fortnite, the most popular video game in the world, is theirs. Epic Games also developed and owns the Unreal Engine, so you can understand just why they’re such a powerhouse in the gaming industry. But, did you expect to see this headline? Epic Games buys a shopping mall? Because I certainly didn’t, and it popped up everywhere. Granted, they need a new headquarters location. Why build it from scratch when you can just get a shopping mall and then convert it into something that suits your own needs?

You can go and check out the mall that’s being converted on the r/deadmalls Reddit thread. It is a dying mall where stores closed left and right. Epic taking over the place at least means space won’t be wasted. This is also an absolute power move that shows just how much financial power Epic Games have at their fingertips. I’m pretty sure they can buy my entire hometown on a whim. That’s a scary thought.

Epic Games' previous HQ
Image credit: Wikipedia

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