Google Stadia Pro Getting Gylt And Metro Exodus In February

The Google Stadia Pro free game library is going to be expanded with two new games, Gylt and Metro Exodus.

Stadia Pro free game

The Google Stadia Pro library is growing when February arrives with two free games. Awesome news for anyone that is paying for the Stadia Pro subscription. This cloud gaming service is severely lacking in titles. More is always good. Gylt and Metro Exodus are a stellar addition to the roster.
Gylt is an especially eerie narrative adventure with comprehensive stealth elements. Metro Exodus is the third Metro game that features an open-world, a compelling narrative, and excellent immersive gameplay.
Both awesome games that you can have a lot of fun with. On the other hand, two other titles are leaving Google Stadia’s library as well. It’s a give and takes situation it seems, so play Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration and Samuari Showdown while you still have the chance to.
A lot more games should be on their way. At least that’s what Google has told us. 2020 is also the year when we’re supposed to see 10 Stadia exclusives. Even though we have no idea who’s making these games or when they’re coming.

Stadia Pro free game
Metro Exodus

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