10 Million Players Tried Sea of Thieves

Seems like this Rare’s action-adventure pirate extravaganza Sea of Thieves managed to hit 10 million players.

Pirate sailing a ship
Image credit: Rare

Sea of Thieves was a pretty empty and shallow game when it first released. You didn’t have a lot to do in this action-adventure title about pirates. Except sail a ship and get drunk off of rum with friends, if you even played multiplayer. But Rare released a whole bunch of content updates since then. For free, of course, and it seems like more and more people wanted to sail the vast sea while chugging rum and singing sea shanties. That number managed to hit 10 million. Quite impressive for a game that didn’t get any favorable reviews when it first came out.

Well, Rare did a great job with the free updates. A whole lot of PvE content was added. With a bunch of new places to visit, creepy enemies to fight, and cosmetics to find and earn.  So, if you wish to join the adventure and see if being a pirate is really that entertaining and enjoyable, why don’t you try the game yourself? It’s a blast to play with a couple of friends since it’s one of those titles that truly shine when you play them with others.

A pirate
Image credit: Rare

If 10 million players gave Sea of Thieves a shot, why wouldn’t you give it a shot as well? Sea of Thieves is available on HRK Game for an extraordinary price right now!

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