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30,000 Players to Boycott World of Tanks

Around 30,000 players from a number of clan communities will boycott the season on World of Tanks’ Global Map.
Player from top alliances and clans of the RU server, who have created a movement known as CONTRAS, have out forward a number of demands to Wargaming, after showing disdain towards a number of issues included the demotivation of clans from the game’s development, the targeted killing of strategy on Global Map, the closed nature of the Global Map department and general disrespect towards players and clans.

The demands themselves involve CONTRAS meeting with the leadership of Wargaming to discuss the development of the game’s clan mode from their perspective, which is something that the company have responded to. Head of the Wargaming office in Minsk, Vyacheslav Makarov, has requested that the movement send in their ideas via email to help improve the situation, whilst also offering to meet with them personally at the end of this month.

You can find the full list of demands and suggestions at this link. It isn’t as if this is a negative situation, however. It seems like its moving in a positive direction, with both parties looking to find the best possible method of improving the game for clans going forward in World of Tanks

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  1. fuck wargaming clan shit try to improve the xp and cred gain for battles when you cant afford prem fucking shit when you win and have 3 kills and still lose creds

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