Anthem Gets A Launch Trailer

Even though Anthem hasn’t launched yet, we got a launch trailer which features a lot of spectacular action and destruction.


So, is everyone still on the fence when it comes to BioWare’s latest co-op shooter that involves Iron Man suits? We know they are called Javelins, but everytime we see them, well, the resemblance is incredible. That isn’t a bad thing, considering that everyone would want to pilot an Iron Man suit. Anyhow, the launch trailer doesn’t show us anything that we haven’t seen before. Each of the Javelins just does their own thing and blows up the enemy.

It’s everything you’ve already seen and probably played by now. One VIP demo and one public demo, plenty of time for anyone that wanted to try Anthem out was given.


While the public demo went much smoother than the VIP one, players still got worried by the disconnects and the stuttering at certain areas. Keep in mind that this is BioWare’s latest attempt at a game since the horrible Mass Effect Andromeda screwup. Once again they decided to put the narrative and character development on the sidelines. Instead, they are focusing a lot on world exploration and combat. Both feel very underwhelming at the moment, but the launch is coming on February 22nd so we will find out soon if they game is worth its price tag.

Anyone that really wants to play the game probably got Origin Access Premier and they get to play the game on February 15th.


Will you be playing the game once it launches, or are you skipping on it for the time being? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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