Apex Legends’ Grand Soiree Event Brings 7 LTMs

Apex Legends’ Grand Soriee event is coming and it is arriving with 7 brand new LTMs, the introduction of an Event Prize Track, and more!

Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Grand Soriee has two weeks full of awesome carnage in store for its players. If you’re looking for some new modes and returning ones to break up the monotony of Ranked matchmaking, this event is perfect for you. Brand new game modes, cool ones from the past, and other cool additions await. Players can enjoy a bunch of Art Deco-inspired cosmetics which can be bought from the event shop. Anyone can complete challenges and earn Arcade points. The more you earn the better the rewards you get from the event are.

An excellent event that will keep you occupied for two weeks. Each second day comes with a specific limited-time mode. Of course, this includes both brand new ones and old ones. The list includes the following ones:

-Gold Rush Duos  (January 14)

-Live.Die.Live  (January 16)

-Third Person Mode (January 18)

-Always Be Closing (January 20)

-Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge (January 22)

-Kings Canyon After Dark (January 24)

-Dummie’s Big Day (January 26)

Basically, you get two full weeks of exciting game modes and awesome rewards. Apex Legends’ Grand Soriee ends on January 28th, so there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy yourself.

Apex Legends skin
Image source: Respawn Entertainment

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