Are You Getting Red Dead Redemption 2 On Steam?

We only have to wait three days before Red Dead Redemption 2, the huge western blockbuster action-adventure game arrives on Steam.

Cowboys on a boat in Red Dead Redemption 2
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 is on its way to Steam. Granted, it has been available on Rockstar’s launcher and on the Epic Game Store for a month, but most PC users want their games on Steam for one reason or another. Now, only three days lie between us and this spectacular open-world cowboy simulator. Yes, that’s the genre that this game needs to invent. Since all you do is go around those old dusty Western bars, get into some fistfights, then some shootouts, then you rob a train. Wait, cowboys don’t do that. Criminals do that. Ah yes, this is basically GTA but with horses instead of cars.

Two cowboys aiming their guns in Red Dead Redemption 2
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Still, Rockstar knows how to make a huge, organic, and incredibly fun world for players to explore. Add on interesting and funny characters, lots of compelling game mechanics, and incredibly frustrating horse riding physics, and you get Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s quite an excellent game. Too bad the Rockstar Launcher doesn’t let you play it most of the time. Yes, to no one’s surprise, Rockstar’s launcher is really buggy. The game has gotten a lot of patches since it came out on PC, becauseit has a LOT of problems. The Steam version is already coming with all of those patches included, so that’s nice to know. You can check out the game’s Steam page here.

A stunning field from Red Dead Redemption 2
Image credit: Rockstar Games

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