Biomutant Patch 1.5 Increases Level Cap, Adds Lock-on Feature

Biomutant continues to add highly requested features and improvements as patch 1.5 doubles the level cap, adds lock-on, and more.

Biomutant patch 1.5
Image credit: Experiment 101

The previous Biomutant patch addressed some of the most annoying issues players had with the game. But Experiment 101 aren’t done, as patch 1.5 arrives with a ton of more fixes and changes.

Firstly, PC players have the “Field of View Type” setting now. It lets you pick between horizontal and vertical FoV. The level cap has been doubled, going from 50 to 100. Loot generation is now less likely to give you duplicate items. Variety is better as well as new items with higher stats exist. So finding an item of a certain rarity means you can find it later on but with better stats. There’s finally a scrap action in the loot screen to help reduce time spent in the inventory.

Secondly, there’s finally Lock-on targeting for melee combat. No more wild flailing around. Players can now select their target and all attacks will be aimed towards them. Animation-cancelling is also possible for certain moves by using dodge. Combat will hopefully be less clunky and more smooth now.

Lastly, modifiers will now increase the game’s difficulty after starting New Game+. Some enemies will respawn in certain areas. Spawn rate is increased for random encounters as well. This will make the game more challenging and increase the world’s population so it doesn’t look so barren and empty all the time.

Read the full Biomutant patch 1.5 notes right here.

Biomutant patch 1.5
Image credit: Experiment 101

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